Saturday, September 28, 2013

Saturday Snippets

One of the "perks" for being an active business in the needlework industry for so many years is getting new fabric and fiber samples for use in my models...and yesterday, I was excited to receive the sixteen new DMC floss colors! I had seen the new colors advertised by needlework shops and on the DMC blog, but it was wonderful to see them in person - these are fabulous new colors and are a welcome addition to the DMC color pallet. In case you haven't heard, DMC is adding 16 brand new colors to the line of Cotton Embroidery Floss - these are the first new colors to be added since 2001, and were developed based on input from some of your favorite needlework designers. The new colors expand on several of DMC‘s existing color families, and are split into two distinct palettes: eight soft, natural shades and eight bright, vibrant hues...and they are numbered from 3880 - 3895. These new colors will be available in a package containing all sixteen colors and will be available only in the United States (and come with several free patterns) - rumor has it these special packs will be available in look for them very soon! Your favorite needlework shops are taking pre-orders for this special set of new colors and you can visit DMC’s website for additional information...

On a personal note...
I also wanted to share an update on our German Shepherd puppy...Schatzi is now just over six months old and is already 67 pounds!...yes, she is growing up very quickly!! Just like Simba, Schatzi has her own webpage on the BRD website and you can follow her adventures and see her grow. She is still puppy 2.0, but is learning commands very quickly and is starting to walk better on a leash (thank goodness)...she continues to surprise us with her intelligence every day. One of her skills is being an alarm clock and she seems to wake us every morning at the same time (which has gotten earlier and earlier over the last several weeks). We concluded this might be because of the light shining in her kennel, so last weekend, armed with 6 yards of black bottomweight canvas, I made a cover for her kennel. I was actually thrilled with the results, as I didn't have a pattern - I just measured the kennel (which is HUGE - 49"L x 30.5"W x 32.25"H), devised a plan and started ironing, cutting, serging, and sewing. It did manage to give us an extra 45 minutes of quiet time in the early morning hours, so my three hours last Sunday were well spent! It is now so dark in her crate, I can barely see her inside...

....and for those of you who ask about Simba...he is adjusting well to his new sister - they aren't best friends yet, but they get along...and I'm sure this will improve drastically when Schatzi is a little older and not so hyper! Simba is still my little boy and never leaves my side...and yes, he is still spoiled - he lives like a little is hanging out with me outside on our deck...

I am now back to my stitching nest to work on a new BRD model (the perfect afternoon activity on this rainy Saturday) has been a productive morning and although I have a hundred irons in the fire, I'm feeling good.
Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Super pictures of Simba and Schatzi! Love the crate cover! Thanks for the heads up on the DMC colors!


  2. Thanks for sharing the new DMC colors. I am hoping one of the blues will fit in with a project I put aside because I just couldn't find the right blue to fit in a sequence of blues. Also want to let you know I am stilll working on and thoroughly enjoying my Blue Jeans and Daisies. I do a lot of stitching for Love Quilts but I do my personal projects like BJ&D for the days I need a pick-me-up.