Thursday, December 28, 2017

Pre-holiday Photo Parade

Needlebook gift I stitched/created
 for a dear friend. Stitched over-one.
Design is Bent Creek - "Red Winged
Blackbird" (heavily modified and
the word "needles" added).
Happy holidays everyone! Wow - where has the time gone??...I have neglected my blog for far too long...ugh...I will definitely try to visit with you more in the coming year. I hope you have been enjoying the season, keeping warm and cozy, and finding a little bit of time to do the things you enjoy! Having a puppy in the house and the holiday rush have monopolized my time for the last couple months, but all is well. I have been stitching, sewing, quilting, and needlework finishing - happily creating almost every single day! In fact, I have so many photos to share, it will take a few posts over the next several days to get all caught up. It seems much easier to keep up with my Instagram feed - so stop by, if you are ever wondering what I am up to!

...and yes, Garin (our German Shepherd puppy) is doing quite well...growing every day! He was almost 40 pounds at his 16-week vet check-up...and he has had all his big boy shots. Today, Miss Schatzi and Garin had a long play session in the snow-covered backyard (if you follow me on Snapchat, you can see it!) - they have quickly become best friends. 😊

Here is a brief photo journey of (just some of) the customer sewing I have been doing lately...and a few pieces of customer needlework finishing. I will share quite a bit more cross stitch over the next couple days (you are in for a real treat - there are some gorgeous needlework pieces). As you can see, zippered bags continue to keep me busy - most of these were created with (beautiful) customer supplied fabrics - I work on three main sizes (large project bags, small project bags, and tool bags) I have a couple other sizes I have been auditioning to add to my brand (see the last photo)...

For now, I am off to my stitching nest - I am working on a couple Christmas ornaments for Just CrossStitch magazine - yes, I'm already stitching for the 2018 holiday season!! I'll be back soon with some beautiful needlework images to share with you...