Wednesday, February 28, 2018

February, Finishing, and Friendship

I blinked and February was fact, the entire last month has been a whirlwind. Things have been humming along in my studio...I've been stitching a couple more new magazine models, doing all sorts of needlework finishing, sewing custom bag orders, and, I designed and created another fun new sample for AccuQuilt last week. My studio is overflowing with creative projects, which is such a blessing!

Although things have been a little hectic here, I am hoping for a little break, as we dropped Garin (our German Shepherd puppy) off for formal training this past weekend - he will be gone at puppy boot camp for the next three months. It is a big mix of emotions, as I  miss him already...but I know his obedience and command training will be stellar upon his return (he is getting the same training Schatzi received as a puppy). Truth be told, I needed some time to get caught up on work deadlines and projects, as Garin seemed to be a full-time job (as any GSD puppy owner will tell you!)....but I am already missing him desperately and will be counting the days until May 19th when he returns home.

I also celebrated my birthday in February and was able to enjoy a lovely lunch with two dear friends. I received some incredible gifts (that I will share in a future post) - lots of creative, stitching, sewing, and quilting gifts - my favorite! To everyone who sent me wishes via mail, e-mail, and social media - thank you - my heart is full.

Today's photo inspiration is a selection of needlework finishing I recently completed for a wonderful friend and customer...she trusts me to finish her pieces however I see fit, so each piece is a joy to work on - I get to be creative and finish each piece as I would my own. Just a note - these images do not depict my stitching or my designs, just my finishing work....

"Be Rich in Good Deeds" by Little House Needleworks 

"F is for Friend" by Heartstring Samplery (Special Club Kit from The Silver Needle)

"Traveling Stitcher" by Little House Needleworks
Pre-made Pouch and Needlebook from Elegant Stitch

 “Be My Friend” by the Scarlett House (Special Club Kit from The Silver Needle)

Finally today - here is the last photo I took of Garin when we dropped him off in Minnesota...but don't worry, we will be receiving weekly updates with photos and videos while he is at puppy training camp!