Thursday, February 10, 2022

FlossTube Episode Ten - New Cross Stitch

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Greetings latest FlossTube video has been posted - I hope you'll come visit with me! I share all the details for my two new cross stitch I show some of my classic Valentine's Day needlework smalls and a sneak peek of some new Etsy items...I also share about the quilt classes I will be teaching. I look forward to seeing you.... Thank you to those who have subscribed to my channel and to those who have liked and commented on my videos - I appreciate your kind support! 

You can find my YouTube Channel here: and I will post the latest video ( below:

I will be back soon to share my most recent projects (I've been busy in the studio). It has been difficult to find a balance with my new designs, Etsy projects, custom and finishing work, teaching, and my freelance I am now in the process of building a brand new website...I am so busy, but it is truly a blessing! Thanks for making the time to stop by my blog today...💗