Thursday, April 12, 2018

Weekly Scribbles

Things have been buzzing along in my studio again this week...and I have a bunch of new finishes to share with you today. I have been working on more projects bags and needlework finishing for customers...along with designing a few more pieces for AccuQuilt and working on layouts for some cross stitch's been hectic, but so creatively rewarding.

A quick catch-up...
The weather is starting to (finally) warm up and I have spring fever...I am looking forward to spending more time outside (I'm hoping the weekend forecast is exaggerated and the snow will be non-existent)! In other news, Garin (our German Shepherd puppy) is doing well at his formal training and has passed the halfway mark in his 12-week puppy boot camp...I can't wait until we can pick him up at the end of May - I'm really missing him. My husband and I celebrated our 18-year anniversary last week - I pulled out the wedding/reception photos out for the first time in years - I can't believe one of the babies in attendance is graduating from high school this year - that was grounding. We had a lovely evening out, but our real celebration will be in Nashville, TN in a couple weeks (and believe me, that vacation can't get here soon enough). I was able to spend a couple hours with my dear friend Mary last Friday - a "friendship Friday" was just what I needed! It's been a fun and productive week and I hope the productivity continues, as I prepare for our upcoming trip...

Here is a small photo walk of just a few of my finishes from this last week....enjoy...

Shepherd's Bush - "Hold Hope"

Little House Needleworks - "Faith"

From the Heart - "Friendship Garden"

Threadwork Primitives - "Civil War Needlebook"

Just Nan - "Rosebud Tweet"

Blue Ribbon Designs - "Little Blue Bungalow"

It's time to walk Miss Schatzi, and then more needlework finishing - I have a couple more large orders to tackle this week. Thanks for visiting my little corner in blogland - I look forward to chatting with you again soon!

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Finishing Frenzy

It is late Wednesday morning and I thought I stop by for a visit, before sitting down at the sewing machine. It has been a productive few weeks and I am steadily working through needlework finishing and project bag orders before taking a vacation towards the end of the month.

I have been continuously ordering supplies and finishing materials to keep up with demand - placing a monster order of DMC Embroidery Floss that I use for making twisted cord earlier this week (I was almost completely out of all reds and greens, as Christmas ornaments embellished with twisted cord are always a favorite). I'm waiting on more comic book backing boards and archival double-stick tape. I also received a couple INCREDIBLE packages from Lady Dot Creates - lots of luscious hand-dyed trims, chenille and velveteen...if you finish your own needlework and have not ordered from her, you are missing out - gorgeous, consistent colors and high quality products. You can find her website by visiting: or shop in her Etsy Store by visiting:

So, here is a peek at a few of the finished items that have been shipped off to their respective homes...lots of ornaments, bags, and Stitch Starter Ruler sets....

This afternoon I will be busy with needlework finishing...I have an abundance of gorgeous stitched pieces to complete for a handful of customers - starting with a hanging pillow backed in velveteen with perimeter pom pom trim and a small pin pillow with chenille trim. It's going to be a creative afternoon! Thank you for stopping by and we will visit again soon...

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Schatzi, Sunshine, and Sewing

It is a LOVELY, sunny afternoon (at least it was when I started this post - it is now after 9:00 PM - where did the day go??)...and today, we are celebrating Miss Schatzi's 5th birthday (which doesn't even seem possible). I have had a pelthora of work demands today, so it was nice to get out in the fresh air and take her on a good walk.

Along with a technical website issue, a pile of correspondence, and a handful of phone calls, my sewing machine has been humming along today. Now that my Just CrossStitch deadlines have all been met, I am working on project bag and needlework finishing orders. Another 200 zippers arrived this week and two more bolts of fusible fleece...along with other finishing supplies that were low...and everything is organized for my sewing and finishing marathon. I'm trying to steadily work through each and every order, preparing for a Nashville vacation in late April (oh how I need a vacation!) on things we *need to* see and do, please send my way...

I seem to be shipping out packages are a select few sewing/quilting items I have been working on...and the first photo is a teaser of what to look for in Just CrossStitch magazine later this year - I can't show you the cross stitch just yet...(hint: one autumn, one Halloween)...

I hope the cheerful spring fabrics brightened your day! I'll be back soon with some new needlework finishing photos...

Monday, March 5, 2018

A Bird, a Basket, and a Squirrel...

Today was a rather gloomy day, but inside my studio has been bright and cheerful! I have been stitching all evening, working on another new design/model for Just CrossStitch Magazine (for an autumn issue). I also was blessed to spend my afternoon with some wonderful, colorful fabrics, as I cut and prepared another 45 zippered project bags for sewing. Orders have been coming in steadily and I am grateful for more happy time in my studio....just wait until to you see the all the special needlework finishing I have been working on for my clients...some absolutely gorgeous pieces!!

I have plenty of completed projects to share with you, as time allows - but today I thought I would share some creative eye candy from my recent birthday...I will provide details with the photos, if they are available. 

These top two images are of an incredible mixed media bird - I wish I had more information for you - unfortunately, I do not have the artists name (if you know, please do drop me a note!)...but it really is spectacular! It was created with all sorts of materials and sits on (what looks to be) a vintage candle holder or stand. It is quite large in size and I had a heck of a time photographing it, so you could see the images don't even come close to doing it justice. I haven't found the perfect home for it just yet - I have been auditioning places...right now it is on a shelf in my sewing room, where it is continually bringing me joy...

How cute is this stitched squirrel?!...and the round, concave tray is to die for...
plus I was given all sorts of little sewing gifts to keep in it...

So first - the basket - it is a Mini Organizer Basket from 1803 Ohio Farm Baskets
It is incredible quality, a lovely size, and the PERFECT gift!
The "sew" piece on the front is a needleminder from one of my
favorite artists, Michelle L. Palmer - her pen and ink works are FABULOUS!
You also see a scissor fob and three packages of hand-dyed rick rack...

How gorgeous is this framed piece?! - I ♥ it!!
The rick rack spools are from Riley Blake Designs.
Quiltfolk magazine - SWOON!
I received a couple back issues and a subscription...if you are not familiar
 with this magazine (each one is like a book and is advertisement free - high
quality paper and cover - no patterns), it celebrates the people and the
stories behind the stitches - it is BEAUTIFUL!

Stationery and Sewing Tin Set by Lori Holt of Bee in my Bonnet
You can find it here:

Needle Case Slide Top Tin from Clayworks by Kim Detmers
Yes, the top of this tin is (3D) polymer clay and it is LOVELY!
So those are just a few creative things and artists I wanted to share with you - thank you to my dear friends and family that gifted me these heartfelt presents! Each one brings me joy and inspires me to create...