Sunday, February 27, 2011

Leprechaun Lodge

Today I have a gift for you...a new complimentary Cross Stitch chart titled "Leprechaun Lodge".

This fun little St. Patrick's Day chart is the perfect addition to "Holiday Helpings", should you decide to stitch the holiday Stitch Starter Sleeves (my latest chart release)...or it would work perfectly in a small frame or finished how you see fit!

The model in the photo was stitched with four colors of Weeks Dye Works cotton floss on 32-count Lakeside Linens Chantilly Creme (to match Holiday Helpings)...but use the fabric and threads of your choice!

Note: if you purchase Holiday Helpings and the needed supplies - you will have plenty of thread left to stitch Leprechaun Lodge - you will use the same fabric and back stitching dimensions (just replace one of the other designs in the chartpack with this one). Leprechaun Lodge is 2 stitches wider than the other sleeve designs, but will fit inside the Back Stitching area to make the same size sleeve.

To obtain a copy of this new complimentary pattern, simply visit my website: and click on "Freebie" in the left-hand menu - you will see a photo of this new design at the top of the webpage - click on the statement "CLICK HERE FOR CHART" (directly under the photo) - a new window will open containing the design in PDF form (you will need Adobe Reader to view/print the chart). Please remember, this design is protected by copyright law - thank you for respecting my copyright. I hope you enjoy this special design - my gift to you for your continued support, friendship, and encouragement...and if you haven't stitched any of my designs before, I hope this chart will entice you to purchase some of the larger designs in my catalog from your favorite needlework shop...

Saturday, February 26, 2011

"Celebrating 100" Giveaway Recipients

I must admit, I had plans to do several blog updates this week - seems I have a lot to share lately...however, someone had different plans for me. I have once again been down and out with a terrible case of the flu virus - sheesh, it's been a rough winter for me. The last several days have found the girl that is busy 24/7 in bed and completely miserable - I guess I am being forced to "slow down". This is the first morning I have been "close to functional" in 4 days...and what a better way to start my day then by announcing my latest giveaway recipients!

There were eighty individual comments (WOW!), so I have decided to award 2 prizes. The random number generator helped me pick comment #46 and comment congratulations to Karen and Jan - I have sent you both emails requesting your mailing will both be receiving a copy of my latest design (#100) - Holiday Helpings!

Karen said...
I couldn't choose a favourite, but if I had to narrow it down, it would be all the Christmas ornament designs from the Just Cross Stitch Ornaments issues!

Jan said...
Happy 100! Favorite eek! Well, all the Halloween ones, Creepy Crawly (I think that is the first one I got), Behind the Gate, Black Cats & Flying Bats, and, of course, Schoolgirl Samplings.

I really must thank each and every one you who took the time to comment - it was fun for me to read your responses and hear about your favorite designs...and for those of you who continually follow and leave me encouraging comments - thank you so very much - I read each and every one of them! I do my best to keep up with your blogs...and although I rarely comment, I really do read them....I need more hours in each day.

This weekend, I will be doing everything in my power to get over the flu - and as soon as I feel up to it, I will be disinfecting my home. I have a lot of charting and model stitching to do, so I will be nursing myself back to health in hopes to get back to work. I did finish a new complimentary chart last look for it soon...I will post it here first...a little hint - it is titled "Leprechaun Lodge"....

Monday, February 21, 2011

Sunflower Serenade - The Smalls

If you would like to enter my latest giveaway, there is still plenty of time - please see Sunday's post "Celebrating 100 Giveaway" for details.

For those of you attending the Heart's Desire Stitch Camp in April, I just had to share the needlework smalls that are part of the teaching design! I finally had a chance to finish them up over the weekend....and I am quite pleased with how they turned out (if I do say so myself!). Accompanying the framed design ("Sunflower Serenade") is a scissor fob...and a wool based pin pillow with a place to tie on a small pair of scissors. Your kit will have all the materials and instructions needed to complete the sampler, scissor fob, and pin pillow (with the exception of framing materials and scissors). During our class, I will be covering stitching each of the pieces, the specialty stitches used, all finishing techniques, and making twisted cord...we are going to have a very fun time! If you would like to purchase a small pair of scissors specifically for this unique pin pillow, I would suggest Little Gems by Kelmscott Designs - they fit perfectly and come in a wide variety of colors.

If you are interested in attending this special Midwest event (I would LOVE to meet you!), there are still a few spots available - it is taking place April 14th - 17th at the Rock Springs 4-H campground near Junction City, KS. For more information and/or registration contact Heart's Desire via their website: or call the shop at: 316- 681-3369.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Celebrating 100 Giveaway

It's a happy day....this weekend marks the release of my 100th design (not including magazine and teaching pieces); I am so proud to be a part of the needlework community and I truly thank all the supporters and fans of Blue Ribbon keep me encouraged, enlightened, and inspired! To mark this big release milestone, I have decided to host a new is just a little way to say thank you for keeping my dream of Blue Ribbon Designs alive and thriving.

This time, I will be giving away copies of my brand new 100th design titled "Holiday Helpings" (a stitch starter ruler and holiday sleeve designs) will get the chart and the ruler...and never fear, if you have already pre-ordered this design, you may choose to receive "Blessed Beyond Measure" (the original starter design with ruler) in it's place.

How to enter:
Simply leave one comment (to this posting) telling me your favorite Blue Ribbon Design and why - for example: it could be the verse, or the colors, or a personal meaning behind the motifs - just tell me a little bit about why it is special to you. Make certain you leave an email address in your comment or it must be visible in your profile - entries without a valid email will be not be eligible...and if you enter anonymously, please also include your first name so I have a way of identifying you, should you win. Please leave only one comment - multiple comments will be deleted/disqualified.

I will choose one recipient for every 50 entries (comments) the more entries, the more winners! For example, if there are 101 entries - I will pick two recipients....if there are 260 entries, I will pick five recipients. Feel free to tell your friends and have them join in on the fun!

The deadline to enter will be 11:59 pm CST, Friday, February 25th. Recipients will be chosen by random draw and posted on my blog on Saturday, February 26th. I will contact the recipients via email - you will have 48 hours to respond, if I do not hear from you in that time, I will choose a replacement recipient. So, there you have it....all the "details" - good luck to each and every one of you...and again, thank you supporting Blue Ribbon Designs - I hope to bring you quality designs for years to come...

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Stitch Into Spring...

If you are looking for a new "springy" cross stitch project, check out the latest issue of Just CrossStitch magazine (March/April 2011) where you will find an exclusive Blue Ribbon Designs project! This cheerful, springtime design is titled "Berries, Birds, and Blooms". It is mainly Cross Stitch...but does have Smyrna Cross Stitch and Back Stitch....making it a fun, quick stitch. The model was worked on 32-count Chantilly Creme from Lakeside Linens with Weeks Dye Works cotton floss (DMC conversions are provided). This magazine is currently arriving in mailboxes, at needlework shops, and on keep an eye out if you are interested in stitching this sunny new release.

Today is the opening of the TNNA Nashville Needlework Market; a wholesale trade show for industry professionals. I have two new designs being released today "Turn The Page" and "Holiday Helpings". "Holiday Helpings" marks the release of my 100th design (not including teaching or magazine pieces)...can you believe it?!, to celebrate, I am working on details for a new giveaway! Be sure to check back in the next day or two, when I will have all the information posted...there will also be a fun, new complimentary chart available for March (think St. Patrick's Day)...and be sure to look for my new releases at your favorite needlework shop starting next week...

I hope you are enjoying beautiful weather in your location this weekend (it is still nice and sunny here). I will definitely be doing some model stitching and finishing, along with bagging/packaging more charts - but I do plan to take a little time off today to have a nice evening out with my husband...and Simba will definitely be enjoying his walk to the park. Take a little time to savor the sunshine...

Friday, February 18, 2011

A Touch of Spring

What a beautiful few days we have had here in Iowa...the sun has been shining, temperatures are unseasonably warm, and most of the snow and ice has melted away....and although we have not seen the end of the cold and snow, this vacation from winter weather has been welcomed with open arms! I am itching for spring to arrive...and little signs are popping up - I heard birds singing outside my bedroom window this morning, kids are outside playing basketball this afternoon, and it seems everyone is outside walking their dog. It is fun to see fresh patterns and fabrics arriving in shops...and summer clothing is already on store racks. This is the time of year I am itching to spring clean my home and start fresh for the year ahead. I was telling my girlfriends - I just want a few days off to wash and scrub everything - a deep cleaning - get rid of the winter blahs.

Yesterday, I received the cutest package in the mail...and it definitely put me in the mood for spring! My dear friend Lorrie send me the sweetest birthday card...along with a gorgeous pale pink wall-mount bud vase and beautiful rose handkerchief. This was one of those super surprise packages that was completely unexpected and immediately made me smile. I have not seen a bud vase quite like this one is cone-shaped with a flat back and a hole at the top for hanging - isn't it wonderful?! It is the perfect touch of spring for my home. I was also giddy with the handkerchief - it has a stunning rose pattern - and handkerchiefs are really making a comeback...there are numerous new books and articles featuring them and their uses in sewing and craft projects. I was tickled to receive such a thoughtful gift for my special day. Like I said yesterday - friendships are definitely good for the soul - I am so extremely blessed!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Gift of Friendship

Today I had the most amazing day! I was able to spend time with my dear friends Merry and Kimber, celebrating my birthday. We met at Granite City for lunch...and was it ever delicious - I had a tasty Southwestern Chicken Salad and a cup of their soup of the day (Cheesy Chicken Tortilla) - so very yummy and a real treat. We spent our lunch catching-up, sharing, and much fun...I am always inspired and refreshed in their presence. I then opened my very special birthday presents...and they opened a Valentine's Day gift from say I was overwhelmed by their gracious and generous gifts would be an understatement - I was almost speechless. The greatest gift is their friendship....the wrapped presents are "the icing on the cake"!

Kimber had two huge packages for me...both wrapped with her usual flair! There was an adorable polka dot box with a beautiful bow...and a larger package, wrapped in tissue with a very fun ribbon tie. Inside the polka dot box...a cornucopia of special treasures. First and foremost, she made me a round bar of soap that is almost too beautiful to use - way cool! There were vintage buttons and rick gorgeous fat quarters, a black & white zipper bag with my initial on it (perfect for stitching tools), a vintage look address/phone book, a fun spiral notebook, and even some Easter candy corn. How amazing is all that - perfect gifts for me! I can't wait to use each and every item (and eat my candy corn)...I am already thinking of ways to use the fabric, rick rack, and buttons.

And if that wasn't the big tissue package was the most unique primitive style wooden house...which actually has a little light bulb inside and when turned on, the light shines through the windows! It is about 10" tall and 7" wide...and the roof comes off to replace the light bulb. I have to find the perfect place to put it...I spend most of my time in my studio loft, so many special gifts are on display in there (that way I can enjoy them each and every day) - I am pretty sure this house will find the perfect home on one of my studio shelves.

Merry's gifts were "unbelievable", as! I always say, I am in awe of her incredible list of talents. She brought me a beautiful box tied with ribbon and flowers...along with a handmade friendship book that brought tears to my eyes. Inside the gorgeous box were some of her homemade kitchen specialties...lavender spice rub, lavender salt, lavender honey, and lavender sugar. I honestly can't wait to try each of these...Merry thought the rub would be good on pheasant or pork...and she said the lavender salt is wonderful on soft-boiled eggs. I am particularly intrigued by the lavender infused honey...I will definitely be trying it in the morning. Merry always gets me to try things outside of my box (which isn't easy to do) and I love it!

The handmade friendship book is so amazingly special, photographs can't even begin to do it justice. From the cover (with a yo-yo her mother made) each page of touching friendship quotes and the buttons, trims, ribbons, and lace embellishments...each page is beyond incredible and so very creative. The amount of time and thought that went into this gift truly touched my heart - I teared up several times as Kimber and I examined and savored each page.

After our lunch together, Merry and I did a little fabric and notions shopping and managed to add even more fun things to our stash...then I made a trip to frame shop to drop off a teaching model. It was unseasonably warm today and when I arrived home, I took Simba for a long walk to the park (which we both thoroughly enjoyed). It was such a lovely afternoon and I returned home feeling refreshed and ready to get back to work. The gift of friendship has a way of putting everything into inspires and sparks creativity...and the laughter shared is definitely good for the soul....

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Scented Heart Sachets

Aren't these just the sweetest little heart-shaped sachets? This fun wool applique project was part hand-stitching and part machine embroidery....and I was so tickled with how each one turned out. Each tiny heart pillow has some machine embroidery on the front and the back...and hand-stitched embellishments and blanket stitch around the outside edge. I enjoyed choosing the wools, ribbon, buttons, and pearl cotton out of my stash...and filling each with a mixture of fiberfill and scented pellets. The machine embroidery digitized design is called "Scented Bags" and is by Embroidershoppe comes with 5 different designs, but I only worked on two of my favorites. They are a great size and measure about 4" H x 3.5" W (without the hanger). I should have taken a photo of the backs for you as well - each back has embroidered words, including: "made with love", "with love", or "handmade". My schedule has been so hectic, I had to do the machine embroidery on one day...and then the handwork the next day. I was really hoping to get a photo of these sweet little sachets posted a few days ago, but my schedule just didn't allow - although, I think they are perfect for year-round use!

This morning I had to take my little boy Simba to the groomer, so of course I met my dear friend Merry at the quilt shop - we did some fabulous fabric shopping and enjoyed a wonderful lunch together....always a treat. There were so many new "springy" fabrics, it was an overload to the senses - I tried to be good, but I still brought home an assortment of new cotton prints and a few new notions.

brought me the most fabulous box of homemade chocolates (her talents are endless) - oh my goodness, these are sinful! So far, I have had a miniature white chocolate turtle that was divine...and when I got home, I had a larger milk chocolate turtle with caramel/nut filling...and they are AMAZING (but who would expect anything less from Merry!). I am going to savor each and every one of them...well, I may share with my husband, if he is lucky. To see more of Merry's cute candies and read about them, visit her blog:

I am now excited for tomorrow - I have lunch and some "girl time" scheduled with Merry and Kimber to celebrate my birthday - can't wait! I have been so unbelievably swamped with work and have been so under the weather, it is going to be heavenly to get out and the weather is supposed to be abnormally beautiful. Tonight I will be working hard on some needlework finishing and more chart bagging - I want to get a bunch of things done on my list, so I can enjoy the day with my friends....

Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Tiny Tote of Treats

Today I want to share a bit of Valentine's Day inspiration with you. This is a gift I made recently - it is a machine embroidered bag filled with valentine treats and a couple of the "heart lollipop wrappers" I made several weeks ago. The bag was embroidered on white cotton about 6" tall...and has a boxed bottom, so it stands easily. The bag has matching embroidery on the back side and is from the Husqvarna Viking Collection "Purse Pizazz" (#184) by Anna Haraldsson. I enjoyed picking out shades of pink thread for this whimsical little bag and assembling it...and then picking things to fill it. I have made several of these bags before and they work great for collecting orts and small snippits of thread...I also have a couple in my bathroom for cotton balls and q-tips.

...and I just *have to* share a photo of a few Valentine gifts my friend Mary gave me earlier in the week...she filled a heart gift bag with the cutest owl kitchen towel, a great piece of valentine fabric featuring vintage valentines (too cool), some fun shiny red rick rack, valentine swankie hankies, and some Hershey's kisses! This was such a sweet Valentine's Day surprise...

This evening, I am finally starting to feel a bit better, although my voice is yet to return. I just spent the afternoon printing invoices and packaging the new designs for shipments this week - and after a few hours, I am starting feel a bit rundown again...but I think the worst has finally passed (crossing my fingers). Thank you all for the well wishes and the birthday notes! I am hoping to feel well enough tonight to bake my husband a Valentine's Day treat...and to enjoy some model stitching....

Friday, February 11, 2011

A Week of Celebration

This week, I am celebrating my birthday...and I just had to share what some of my amazing friends have done for me. I have a terrible head cold and pharyngitis (I have absolutely no voice - only a squeak!) and I am feeling quite miserable, so these special gifts arrived at the perfect time!

My dear friend Terri, who lives in Illinois, sent me a beautiful miniature rose plant. It arrived yesterday evening and was just what I needed to cheer up my spirits! Terri and I met through email several years ago, sharing our love of cross stitching...corresponding about some of my designs...and it turned out, she lived in the same town as my mother and aunt (small world) - we had the chance to meet and have been great friends ever since. Thank you for the gorgeous plant Terri - I miss you friend....

My very sweet friend Robin, who lives in Virginia, sent me a wonderful package with a fabulous quilted pin cushion pattern, a charm pack, and some sampler fabric to add to my collection. Robin and I also met through our love of needlework - corresponding for years - in fact, I think Robin was one of my very first fans. I was finally lucky enough to meet Robin and her mother at Stitcher's Hideaway last fall - we have a zillion things in common and keep in touch weekly. Robin - I adore you - thank you for the lovely sewing surprise package...

Next, I have to share this adorable little present my friend Kimber sent me in the mail. Even though we will be getting together next week to celebrate my birthday, she took the time to mail me the sweetest little wrapped present! Kimber always does the best "wrapping" job - everything coordinates and she uses very fun trims for ties. I had to take a photo before I opened it...and inside, the cutest little notebook - it is about 3" w x 4" h and has lined pages inside to take notes. I will definitely be putting this little book to good use!!

And if I wasn't spoiled enough already, earlier in the week, my close friend Mary dropped off an AMAZING birthday package, filled with goodies. I was like a little girl opening each present...and each item was perfect! There was a really cool round box...and inside, a hand-painted "Happy Birthday" wine glass (I will be filling it on my birthday)...I had never seen one of these before, it is quite unique - she also included a super fun wool applique project pattern, some cute rick rack, lotion, and a scented sachet. I was in heaven - thank you Mary!

I am so very blessed - I have the most creative, amazing, special friends a girl could ever hope for...I have had a week of celebrating and it isn't even my birthday yet!

Although I am feeling miserable, I did manage to finish a huge project deadline today...and I am hoping to finish up a couple more small stitching projects this weekend. I will also be bagging and preparing the new charts for shipment next week. Blue Ribbon Designs is keeping me beyond busy and I am truly thankful for your continued support of my work! I will have more photos to share with you soon...

For now, I am now off to make more hot tea, take more cold medicine, and curl up with Simba and my NookColor....

Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Personalized Treasure - Filet Crochet Nameplate

Wow, what a week this has been - I had so many things I wanted to accomplish and so many fun things to do...but sometimes life has other plans for us...and this time, it planned another head cold/flu for me. It started a couple mornings ago when I woke up with absolutely no voice and watery eyes and now has dragged on for a few days adding a terrible dry cough - ugh! I have finally figured out I must need more sleep because I feel great when I wake up and then my health goes down hill rapidly throughout the day. In any case, business must be done, so I have been working in all my waking moments - getting the market charts bagged and packaged for shipping, taking care of shops emails and orders, and putting the final touches on my class piece for the Heartland Stitch Counters Retreat.

With my birthday on the calendar this week, I have had several fun surprises that I want to share with you...but today I must share a special surprise that had absolutely nothing to do with my birthday or Valentine's Day. This beautiful treasure was sent to me from a new stitching friend I had the pleasure of meeting when I was teaching in Mystic, CT last fall...and to say I was blown away to get this surprise would be a HUGE understatement. This absolutely gorgeous filet crochet nameplate arrived in my mailbox this week and I was stunned. My close friends know that I do not crochet or knit - I just don't have a talent for it - I can do one long chain, but when it comes to adding rows, forget about it - so I have a enormous appreciation for knitted and crocheted items and for those who are patient enough to make them! After meeting Liz in class, I knew she was extremely creative and talented - she is one of those needleworkers who just jumps in and adds her own unique style. I was able to see an array of her finished projects at Stitcher's Hideaway and she added her own special touches to each and every one. To receive such a thoughtful "just because" gift truly touched me. I will definitely be taking it to my framer, so I can hang it in my needs a special home where I can admire it daily. Thank you Liz - I will treasure this handmade personalized gift!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Soft and Cuddly Receiving Blanket

Several of my friends are having a baby in March, so I have been trying to fit in a few projects here and there for shower gifts. I made this adorable receiving blanket for Kassie - she works for the company that prints all my designs and handles my account - we have been working together for years and she always goes WAY above and beyond to make me happy. I really wanted to make her something extra special for her after finding out the name and the sex of the baby, I started brainstorming ideas and looking for the perfect fabrics. I did not use a pattern - I just cut two squares of coordinating flannel (each approximately 40" x 40") - machine embroidered the baby's name in the lower right corner of one piece - then placed them right sides together and serged around the entire blanket, leaving an opening for turning - after turning, I top-stitched around the entire perimeter. I was so happy with how this soft, cuddly receiving blanket turned out....I just loved both the flannel prints (Cozy Cotton: Cotton Flannel Fabric by Robert Kaufman)! If you would like a great tutorial/pattern for making a receiving blanket on your own, head over to where my good friend Shelli from Needle In A Haystack has a FREE pattern that will talk you through a Receiving Blanket and/or a Burpie! She makes it so easy, you will have baby shower gifts sewn in no time.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Stitching Pouch & Tools Giveaway Winner

Hello all - I am here today to post the recipient of my latest giveaway! I have been enjoying my visits to each of your blogs and meeting many of you on Twitter - my stitching/sewing family has grown leaps and bounds and I am thrilled to get to know all of you - thank you so much for your comments and encouragement! In a perfect world, I would sew each and every one of my followers a stitching pouch...and fill each and every one of them with stitching tools - but alas, I only have one to giveaway this time. If you are not the recipient, please don't be discouraged, I will be hosting another giveaway in the weeks to come to celebrate the release of my 100th you all know I LOVE to make things and give them away, so there will be plenty more opportunities in the future....

So, without further ado...Congratulations Terri! - after getting all the entry slips printed and placed in a basket, my husband drew the following slip:

dixiesamplardesigns said...
Congratulations on reaching 400 followers...that is awesome!! And what a lovely collection of goodies to celebrate the occasion...
I would love to be entered.
I am a devoted follower.
I do not tweet or twit, LOL!
I will definitely post this on my blog.
My email is available thru my blog.
Congrats again...and thank you for such a generous giveaway!
Happy Stitchin'

Again, thank you all for taking an interest in my blog and in Blue Ribbon Designs - I hope you will continue to follow me on my creative journey!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Hearts Aflutter "Candybox Pillow"

First, before I start today's post - WELCOME - and a BIG thank you to all my friends, followers, and new visitors! My current giveaway is still underway, so if you haven't entered yet, please see my last post (Tuesday, February 1st) for more information and details...and good luck to all!

How cute is this??! Today I have to share the Valentine pillow I made this week! My good friend Shelli over at Needle In A Haystack Stitchery has been at it again, designing this fun project for the You Can Make This website. It is called "Candybox Pillow" and the fabulous pattern and instructions are now available for FREE at even a beginner can easily make this fun Valentine project (REALLY!)! The instructions include measurements for both 14" and 16" pillow forms (I made mine with a 16")...the materials needed are minimal...and the directions include great photos to walk you through each step. Even better, I was able to use my AccuQuilt Go! Fabric Cutter to cut the 3" fabric circles that make up the flowers for the heart shape. I was able to complete this project in one sitting...and used some of my favorite Valentine fabric for the pillow (it's an older fabric from the "Hearts Aflutter" line by Sandy Gervais for Moda)....and I used a coordinating red hand-dyed batik for the heart flowers. This pillow is a bright and cheery addition to my decor, which is definitely needed this time of year!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Stitching Pouch & Tools Giveaway

Hello friends and followers - thank you so much for visiting...I am so glad you are here!

As I mentioned yesterday - I have officially surpassed 400 official blog followers...and you all know what that is time for a milestone giveaway!

First, here are the details on the prize (exactly as seen below) is a small stitching pouch with two inside pockets...and I made it with my own two hands. It is approximately 4" W x 5.25" H (when closed) with a Velcro closure. It will come "fully stocked" with a pair of gold scissors, tapestry needles, needle threaders, and a magnetic needle minder. It is made with the cutest cotton button fabric and is completely lined.

How to enter and particulars - please read carefully:

You can receive multiple entries - one entry for each of the following:
  • Leave a comment = 1 entry
  • Be an official follower (current or new) = 1 entry
  • Follow on Twitter = 1 entry
  • Post about this giveaway on your blog = 1 entry

Leave me one comment with all of this information and be sure to include your email address (or make sure it is viewable in your profile) - entries without a valid email will be not be eligible.

A sample entry may look like:
Words, words, words...your comment.
I follow your blog.
I follow you on Twitter (User ID).
I posted about your giveaway on my blog (blog address).

A comment like the one above would be worth four entries (entry information will be confirmed).

I will be choose the winner by random draw on Sunday, February 6, 2011 - entry cutoff time will be Saturday, February 5th - 11:59 PM CST. The winner will be posted here on Sunday, February 6th. I will contact the winner via email - you will have 48 hours to respond, if I do not hear from you in that time, I will choose a replacement winner. So those are all the "details" - good luck to each and every one of you...and again, thank you for following!!