Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Gift of Friendship

Today I had the most amazing day! I was able to spend time with my dear friends Merry and Kimber, celebrating my birthday. We met at Granite City for lunch...and was it ever delicious - I had a tasty Southwestern Chicken Salad and a cup of their soup of the day (Cheesy Chicken Tortilla) - so very yummy and a real treat. We spent our lunch catching-up, sharing, and much fun...I am always inspired and refreshed in their presence. I then opened my very special birthday presents...and they opened a Valentine's Day gift from say I was overwhelmed by their gracious and generous gifts would be an understatement - I was almost speechless. The greatest gift is their friendship....the wrapped presents are "the icing on the cake"!

Kimber had two huge packages for me...both wrapped with her usual flair! There was an adorable polka dot box with a beautiful bow...and a larger package, wrapped in tissue with a very fun ribbon tie. Inside the polka dot box...a cornucopia of special treasures. First and foremost, she made me a round bar of soap that is almost too beautiful to use - way cool! There were vintage buttons and rick gorgeous fat quarters, a black & white zipper bag with my initial on it (perfect for stitching tools), a vintage look address/phone book, a fun spiral notebook, and even some Easter candy corn. How amazing is all that - perfect gifts for me! I can't wait to use each and every item (and eat my candy corn)...I am already thinking of ways to use the fabric, rick rack, and buttons.

And if that wasn't the big tissue package was the most unique primitive style wooden house...which actually has a little light bulb inside and when turned on, the light shines through the windows! It is about 10" tall and 7" wide...and the roof comes off to replace the light bulb. I have to find the perfect place to put it...I spend most of my time in my studio loft, so many special gifts are on display in there (that way I can enjoy them each and every day) - I am pretty sure this house will find the perfect home on one of my studio shelves.

Merry's gifts were "unbelievable", as! I always say, I am in awe of her incredible list of talents. She brought me a beautiful box tied with ribbon and flowers...along with a handmade friendship book that brought tears to my eyes. Inside the gorgeous box were some of her homemade kitchen specialties...lavender spice rub, lavender salt, lavender honey, and lavender sugar. I honestly can't wait to try each of these...Merry thought the rub would be good on pheasant or pork...and she said the lavender salt is wonderful on soft-boiled eggs. I am particularly intrigued by the lavender infused honey...I will definitely be trying it in the morning. Merry always gets me to try things outside of my box (which isn't easy to do) and I love it!

The handmade friendship book is so amazingly special, photographs can't even begin to do it justice. From the cover (with a yo-yo her mother made) each page of touching friendship quotes and the buttons, trims, ribbons, and lace embellishments...each page is beyond incredible and so very creative. The amount of time and thought that went into this gift truly touched my heart - I teared up several times as Kimber and I examined and savored each page.

After our lunch together, Merry and I did a little fabric and notions shopping and managed to add even more fun things to our stash...then I made a trip to frame shop to drop off a teaching model. It was unseasonably warm today and when I arrived home, I took Simba for a long walk to the park (which we both thoroughly enjoyed). It was such a lovely afternoon and I returned home feeling refreshed and ready to get back to work. The gift of friendship has a way of putting everything into inspires and sparks creativity...and the laughter shared is definitely good for the soul....


  1. A wonderful way to spend your birthday...beautiful gifts.

  2. Beautiful Birthday gifts!! Glad you had such a great time!!!

  3. So glad you had such fun with your friends..beautiful gifts, too. Love the new design in the recent JCS more design to add to my growing "to do" pile.


  4. Sounds like you had a wonderful time. Beautiful gifts too - how lovely.

  5. Glad your outing with Kimber and Merry was wonderful! They spoiled you with such incredible gifts! And Belinda, you are so right about friendship putting a spark into our daily lives.