Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Scented Heart Sachets

Aren't these just the sweetest little heart-shaped sachets? This fun wool applique project was part hand-stitching and part machine embroidery....and I was so tickled with how each one turned out. Each tiny heart pillow has some machine embroidery on the front and the back...and hand-stitched embellishments and blanket stitch around the outside edge. I enjoyed choosing the wools, ribbon, buttons, and pearl cotton out of my stash...and filling each with a mixture of fiberfill and scented pellets. The machine embroidery digitized design is called "Scented Bags" and is by Embroidershoppe comes with 5 different designs, but I only worked on two of my favorites. They are a great size and measure about 4" H x 3.5" W (without the hanger). I should have taken a photo of the backs for you as well - each back has embroidered words, including: "made with love", "with love", or "handmade". My schedule has been so hectic, I had to do the machine embroidery on one day...and then the handwork the next day. I was really hoping to get a photo of these sweet little sachets posted a few days ago, but my schedule just didn't allow - although, I think they are perfect for year-round use!

This morning I had to take my little boy Simba to the groomer, so of course I met my dear friend Merry at the quilt shop - we did some fabulous fabric shopping and enjoyed a wonderful lunch together....always a treat. There were so many new "springy" fabrics, it was an overload to the senses - I tried to be good, but I still brought home an assortment of new cotton prints and a few new notions.

brought me the most fabulous box of homemade chocolates (her talents are endless) - oh my goodness, these are sinful! So far, I have had a miniature white chocolate turtle that was divine...and when I got home, I had a larger milk chocolate turtle with caramel/nut filling...and they are AMAZING (but who would expect anything less from Merry!). I am going to savor each and every one of them...well, I may share with my husband, if he is lucky. To see more of Merry's cute candies and read about them, visit her blog:

I am now excited for tomorrow - I have lunch and some "girl time" scheduled with Merry and Kimber to celebrate my birthday - can't wait! I have been so unbelievably swamped with work and have been so under the weather, it is going to be heavenly to get out and the weather is supposed to be abnormally beautiful. Tonight I will be working hard on some needlework finishing and more chart bagging - I want to get a bunch of things done on my list, so I can enjoy the day with my friends....


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  2. Glad you had some "me" time with your embroidery machine! Your hearts look wonderful as do the chocolates!

    Enjoy your day tomorrow with Merry and Kimber!

    Sorry about the above deletion! I got finger happy!

  3. I'm actually drooling here. Over the stitching AND the chocolates!
    Does Merry need another friend perhaps?

  4. Those hearts are prettiest things I have seen in a long time! You did a beautiful job, Belinda. Chocolates look good,too.

  5. Happy Birthday...the chocolates look devine...

  6. Happy birthday dear Belinda...I hope it is a blessed day for you!

    What adorable little hearts...and those chocolates do look lovely and very delicious...what a wonderful and generous friend!!

    Please forgive me for not letting you know sooner, but I did receive the giveaway package on Monday. I absolutely love all of it...thank you so much...

    Happy Stitchin'

  7. Those heart sachets are really lovely! I have got to learn how to machine embroider!