Thursday, September 5, 2013

Halloween Hang-ups

I promised I would be back with photos of my freestanding lace Halloween ornaments...and here they are...aren't they fabulous?!! I have been having so much fun working on these machine embroidered ornaments - and this is just a small selection...there are 20 different ornaments in this digitized Halloween Lace collection by Anita Goodesign (this is an older and harder to find collection from 2007) and I have been working on them in an assortment of colors. If you read my blog yesterday, then you know these are done on an embroidery machine...using digitized designs, the machine embroiders the ornaments on water-soluble stabilizer - once the design is completely stitched, you put it in water and the stabilizer dissolves, leaving you with a beautiful piece of lace made completely of embroidery thread. These spooktacular ornaments are larger in size most measuring over 4" x 4" and would be perfect for decorating a Halloween tree, wreath, or garland...and they look fabulous hanging in a window with light shining through them! If you happen to have an embroidery machine, I hope you will try making some of these detailed decorations yourself...but for those of you who would like purchase some that are ready to hang, I have a good assortment listed in my Etsy shop...

These ornaments stay looking great for years and can be pressed with a hot iron and/or starched at any time to keep them sturdy and flat.

I can't wait to start decorating our home for Halloween/autumn - I need to get my seasonal cross stitch designs exchanged...and some of these spooky ornaments will definitely make my ornament tree stand out! Do you decorate you home for the seasons?? - I would love to hear some of your fall/autumn decorating ideas... more thing...for my dear friends and students who know the "bat story", yes, there is a bat ornament! :-)


  1. What a super assortment of autumn/Halloween ornaments! Way to go, Belinda!


  2. Wow...these are fabulous...Great job Belinda. :)

  3. Are these designs still available. I am not having any luck finding them. Thanks!