Wednesday, September 25, 2013

"Harvest Huswif"

I am so excited to share a new release with you today...there are two (yep, I said TWO!) new Blue Ribbon Designs shipping to auto shops at the end of the week and to distributors next week. Today, I am telling you all about "Harvest Huswif" (BRD-114).

This special stitching case features fun-shaped wool pockets inside and a matching scissor fob...and of course, this sampler style project is also suitable for framing, should you not want to make it into a huswif. Here are some of the supply details: this autumn project is stitched on Weeks Dye Works linen (35-count Angel Hair) with Gloriana Silk Threads (Weeks Dye Works cotton threads and DMC embroidery floss conversions provided)...the wool fabric is from Moda and WDW...and the gorgeous hand-dyed ribbons are also from Gloriana. Inside: the wool pumpkin is for needles and pins, the upper acorn will hold a thimble or needle threader, the left leaf holds scissors, and the right leaf holds a 3" you have the large stitched pocket across the bottom.

Huswif Closed - Front

Huswif Closed - Back

Huswif Open - Outside

Huswif Open - Inside
You can find a complete supply list here:
...along with additional photos and details here:

The package contains charting for the huswif (stitching pocket) and scissor fob, stitch diagrams (there are some specialty stitches), stitching instructions, complete finishing instructions, wool fabric/felt templates, and an alphabet/numbers for personalization. If you shy away from Cross Stitch over-one, an alternative verse to work in Back Stitch is provided.

I have had quite a few people ask me about the term "huswif", so here is a little "bonus" information for you...

Etymology: From hus (“house”) + wif (“woman, wife”).
Definition: house·wife ˈhaʊsˌwaɪf or, usually, ˈhʌzɪf for 2 [hous-wahyf or, usually, huhz-if for 2]
1. a married woman who manages her own household, esp. as her principal occupation.
2. British. a sewing box; a small case or box for needles, thread, etc.
1. Archaic. to manage with efficiency and economy, as a household.

A "huswif" or "hussif" is the name for a case which stores needlework supplies. Before the days of pockets on clothing, women often carried a huswif in one of the large tie-on pockets worn under their skirts. The use of a huswif was certainly not exclusive to women - sailors, soldiers, and other men who needed sewing items carried huswifs.

Expect this new autumn design to start arriving in needlework shops the first week of October!

Tomorrow, I will return to tell you all about "Shaker Valley Harvest" - another unique BRD fall design with needlework smalls...


  1. This is just so gorgeous and I would love to stitch this!! :)

  2. Can't it October yet?

  3. Simply gorgeous! Love the colors and the fall motifs!