Monday, June 1, 2009

Special Delivery

What is it about getting mail...and why is it so exciting to have a special letter or note arrive in the mailbox? For me, a handwritten note immediately brightens my day! My love of the postal note goes back to when I was a little girl - writing letters to my grandparents and family in New Jersey (I have to credit my grandparents with my love of writing notes and letters - I believe they taught me well and encouraged me to send correspondence....and they ALWAYS reciprocated). I am a self-proclaimed stationery addict - always looking for unique notecards, writing paper, and cards for special occasions - I rarely go on a shopping trip without returning home with some sort of stationery. My favorite finds?....a fancy box containing matching notecards and envelopes (envelopes need decoration - that makes them even more exciting). I also have a pile of "tuck-ins" - you know, tiny flat items you can add to a handwritten note....I personally love tucking a special bookmark or a package of needles in with a note. Today I share with you some photos of stationery I have collected...and I encourage you to send a loved one a note from the heart...

....and one more thing today - WOW - needleworkers have got to be the most caring and special people on the entire planet! Thank you all so much for following my blog "journey" and for all your comments and e-mails (and posts on your own blogs). I never expected my writings to be of interest and I am thrilled to have so many followers. You all brighten my day!!


  1. I only joined your blog yesterday but I've come back for a second look. I love all your stationery, it's so nice to have a welcome letter from a friend. I like your new design too.


  2. I also have a great love of special cards and notes. How wonderful it is to getting something hand written that is not a bill or an advert. Your accessories are lovely. Great black fabric!