Saturday, June 20, 2009

Lavender & Baby Bunnies

This morning was filled with yard work - the usual mowing, trimming, pulling weeds, etc. This task was much more enjoyable in the hot, humid sun today, as my lavender has started to bloom and made the front yard smell divine....nothing quite like the crisp, clean smell of fresh lavender!

Earlier in the week, I made an interesting discovery in our yard (or should I say Simba made a discovery)...a nest of baby bunnies. It is hidden quite well under a tree in our front yard. Now, I was not thrilled about this discovery...don't get me wrong - I like rabbits and bunnies - just not digging holes in my yard. The burrow is quite deep and is disguised quite well...I would not have known it was there had the mother not been continually sitting in the same fact, I had mowed that area earlier in the day and had no idea it was there. Simba chased the mama away the other night and she kept was dark, so I grabbed a flashlight and sure enough I could see several (at least four, maybe five) babies - all about 2" in size. Each day, I have been checking on them...and today I finally got a decent photo of one in the top of the nest...and although from the photo it looks quite large, in reality, it is at the most 3" in length (they are growing fast)...the diameter of the rabbit nest is maybe 6"...but it is super deep and completely covered with grasses and rabbit hair (as you can see by the photo). I carefully moved some of the hair and took multiple photos, but the babies were all moving and jumping...this was the best image. I can't believe how they are all piled in this is actually quite fun to watch them!


  1. I love the fragrance of lavender....someday I'd love to plant a patch. What a darling bunny, that is a great picture of their nest. I hope you are able to share more photos as they grow. I think Easter just came early:)...hugs, Linda

  2. Cute bunnies! We have 2 burrows in our yard but I haven't seen any babies in them.