Sunday, June 14, 2009

A New Project Bag

The newest Blackbird Designs pattern - "Three Stockings for May" arrived in my mailbox yesterday....I have been itching to start working on this wonderful series of miniature stockings since it's debut in February! I decided these patterns would be my new traveling project...and what a better way to transport this project than in its own special zippered pouch....made with Nell's Flower Shop fabric by Blackbird Designs for Moda. With a couple quiet hours to myself this afternoon, I immediately began working on my quilted project bag...and it turned out perfectly - exactly as I planned! It has plenty of room for one or more of the patterns, fabric, floss, and scissors and is small enough to easily tote with me.

I have also had a little time to play with some new toys (for my sewing/embroidery machine) that were just released earlier this month at the Husqvarna Viking Convention. Once my dealer returned from the convention, I couldn't wait to visit the quilt shop and see the new products that the Internet was buzzing about! First of all, there is a great new hoop....called a Texture Hoop...which is a wonderful art quilting allows you to easily add yarn, ribbon, cords, and different fibers to any project a creative and unique spark. I have done a couple samples just playing and learning about the hoop...I really look forward to having some time to work on more of these special pieces soon! I also purchased the new 4D Monogram Software...and it sure is easy to makes embroidering a monogram a "snap"...I am going to have tons of fun finding ways to use this easy peasy software! ...and of course I had to have the new 9mm flat felled foot. There was also an update to my machine that added a bunch of great new features...and new heirloom stitches, scallop stitches, fashion stitches, and 44 decorative tapering stitches....woohoo! Lots of new things to try out and play with....just what I need - more to keep me busy!


  1. Oh your bag is too perfect!!! I have a yard of that Moda/Blackbird fabric and have still not figured out what to do with it.

  2. Oh that is a gorgeous bag, Bel!! Enjoy it!!

  3. Oh my gosh- that bag is gorgeous! I think I need to make me one! And your machine embroidery is awesome- it sounds like you'll have a lot of fun experimenting!

  4. Hi Belinda,

    Just seen you are following my blog so I best get that Blue Rribbon design started right away. I love your little quilted bag what a wonderful idea and beautifully sewn. The needle case is super too and something I could so as I have a husqvarva machine which does embroidery
    And that new design is gorgeous I must get it as soon as it on sale. Gosh what a busy life you lead makes me realise how I waste time... off to to sort myself right this minute.
    Happy Stitching..


  5. Wow, Bel. You've been busy! Love the project bag!!! Hope to see you soon!


  6. How exciting to find you in blogland Belinda. Your project bag is gorgeous. I have 2 metres of the same fabric which I still need to use.

    My old sewing machine of 30 years has died on me, but DH has promised me a shiny new one for my birthday towards the end of the year, which I'm really excited about. I'm not very experienced with a sewing machine but itching to have a play when I do get my new one. I would love to have a try at a project bag like yours. :o)

  7. I love the zippered pouch you made.
    I recently made a drawstring bag from that fabric line and loved it - pity it is an old line and now so hard to find.
    I'm enjoying your blog a lot.
    You're making me want an embroidery machine but with three machines in the house already I don't think my DH would go for it!


  8. Your bag is so lovely.Where did you bought that sort of fabric? I would like to get some.Thanks alot

  9. Bea - the fabric is from the line "Nell's Flower Shop" by Blackbird Designs for Moda - it is an older line and is quite rare now...I had yardage of it in my stash I purchased quite some time ago. You may try doing a google search and see if you can find some...