Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Terrific Treats!

Yesterday was a busy but bountiful day! I started out my morning bright and early, getting a bunch of work accomplished before taking Simba to the groomer at 9:30AM. His groomer just happens to be about 30 minutes away in the city where my dear friend Merry lives - so every time he gets groomed (once a month), we have a chance together. After dropping off Simba, we met at the local quilt shop and did some retail therapy...then headed to a little Japanese restaurant we both thoroughly enjoy for some hot tea, soup, and sushi. We talked for what seemed like hours, even though we just saw each other last week. She had another little unexpected gift bag for me, with several things she had collected with a friend: a gorgeous piece of a favorite sampler fabric, an adorable owl fabric, some frog items - and her very last jar of Hot Pepper Jelly (my favorite of her jellies!). Christmas is year-round with her - she spoils me rotten!

After picking up Simba (and my husband who was having some work done on his car), I returned home to find Travis had cleaned the garage (that was a shock!) - and he actually did a little organizing instead of just getting things up off the floor. After admiring his hard work, it was time to get focused - I had a HUGE pile of work to get done and I felt like my day was flying by...I was at my desk for quite some time - only to look at the clock and realized it was after 6:30 PM. I could hear the mailman delivering mail (his truck is super noisy) - we are the last on his route, so our mail arrives quite late every day. I ventured out into the cold to find the most lovely surprise in my mailbox - a package from Ruth! Ruth is part of my stitching family - she attended the Stitcher's Hideaway Retreat (Mystic, CT) in October and we immediately hit it off - I never expected in a million years to receive a package from her and I couldn't wait to tear it open! What I found inside immediately made me smile - a pine pillow (I think I mentioned here before how much I love the scent of pine)...and it is a special pine pillow - the fabric print looks almost identical to the miniature Maple Leaves quilt I recently finished - it is absolutely perfect! This amazing package also contained new K-cups for me to try (woo hoo!) and chocolate (a kind I have never tried before and it is delicious!), a fun snowflake pin, and a very thoughtful card. I think Ruth is one of Santa's elves in disguise - this little box truly brightened my day - it was fabulous! Thank you so much Ruth - I am enjoying everything you sent...and I can't wait to see you next October at the New England Stitching Retreat....

I hope you are enjoying surprises this holiday season...or sending some yourself!


  1. Cute gifts and the sampler fabric is gorgeous :-).

    And Simba is too sweet, he reminds me of my puppy, Chloe. She's Bichon Shitzu mix.

  2. What wonderful gifts to receive! Love the sampler fabric and the little pine pillow! Enjoy your goodies!

  3. What nice treats. You are blessed to have such a good friend. Merry Christmas.

  4. Belinda,

    What a great gift!!
    Love the Sampler Fabric. Do you know who makes this fabric?