Thursday, December 23, 2010

Spreading Out The Joy

Remember yesterday when I said "it is the season of surprises"? Well, today, another HUGE surprise arrived (I am feeling VERY spoiled!). While I was out running errands before the blizzard is in full swing, my dear friend Mary left the most amazing surprise box at my front door! I have been feeling quite under the weather with another (or maybe the same) head cold and was having quite a rough day - only to come home and find this over-the-top surprise. Mary and I both have hectic schedules and haven't had a chance to get together this holiday season - but that sure didn't stop her from sharing the Christmas love! I arrived home to find a great plastic storage box (which will now be a home for in-progress quilt blocks) filled - yes, filled with small wrapped packages. Now those of you who know me or follow my blog, are aware I absolutely adore tiny packages - in fact, stockings have always been my favorite, as my mother would wrap everything when she filled mine - to me there is so much excitement in seeing an array of small wrapped presents. Although I thought momentarily about opening a gift a day...or saving these packages until Christmas, the little girl in me had to open all of them immediately (and there was A LOT to open)!

Mary actually stitched me "The Queen Bee" by JBW Designs - which is perfect! Many of my friends call me "B"...and honey bees have a special place in my heart, as my grandfather was a beekeeper - she knows all this and cross stitched this design especially for me...a truly touching piece. Plus, she knows how much I love to sew, quilt, and create and is letting me decide how to finish it - which is a gift in itself - I already have a ton of ideas!

This fun surprise box was filled with things I love (a TON of thought went into it!) - fabrics, tea, miniature rick rack, ornaments, a journal, a book, stationery, and multiple other be honest, I am overwhelmed....she must have started collecting items months ago...

I have always said I have the most thoughtful and giving friends - they just "get me" quirks, my hectic schedule, and my control freak perfectionist personality. I truly feel like a little kid this Christmas - I don't ever remember a year where there were so many treats and surprises. I am truly thankful for my many blessings.

I hope you are receiving an abundance of surprises this holiday season...and have the chance to celebrate the great gift of friendship...


  1. Wow. What an awesome surprise!

    May the surprises continue throughout the season.

    Merry Christmas

  2. What a lovely gift! If you're getting a blizzard, it must be headed this way! Curling up by a fire with a cup of hot chocolate (I'll take mine spiked) sounds awesome!

  3. What a terrific surprise (or I should say surprises) to find when you got home from your errands! Looking forward to seeing what you create out of your Queen Bee piece!

    Take care and stay warm!

  4. What a nice surprise from a great friend! Hope you have a merry christmas!

  5. Just catching up on your blog today - what sweet gifts and awesome times you must be having lately! I made about 15 of the "sweet treat bags" this past year for my dear friends on their birthdays and for a beginner, didn't do too bad. I found them pretty easy after the first couple.

    I love your black and white scissors - I don't seem to ever find many that are unique.

    Hope your holiday season continues to give you pleasure and many smiles!