Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Research Loaded With Inspiration

I have been enjoying loads of stitching time, as I am preparing several designs for teaching 2011. The last several days, I have been diligently stitching on the project for the New England Stitcher's Retreat to take place in October 2011. On my teaching trip to Enfield, NH this past spring, I was extremely inspired by the Enfield Shaker Village and the Great Stone Dwelling....when Marie invited me back to teach in the coming year, I was "over the moon" and couldn't wait to start working on another Shaker inspired project. Before working on the original project, I had done some research on the Shaker culture and found it quite interesting...then after my first visit, I started to do more reading and studying. I really wanted to learn more about the Shaker Gift Drawings and Gift Songs...and on my quest I found some great books full of information and inspiration. I recently added two more books to my collection: "Heavenly Visions: Shaker Gift Drawings and Gift Songs" and "Shaker Design: Out of this World" - both lovely additions to my ever-growing library. While working on this special class project (that revolves around an 8" miniature Shaker chair), it became clear to me I needed to design a framed sampler that would accompany the smalls - the design idea was so clear in my to be putting the finishing touches on fabric, the whole thing is coming together perfectly - and I couldn't be happier with the results! I am hoping to have photos for you real soon - hopefully in the next week. I know many of you have booked this retreat without seeing project photos, so I know you are anxious to see what I have been working on...and believe me, I am anxious to show you. This project has refreshed and refueled my creative spirit and has given me a new outlook on my design work...


  1. We know it is just going to be wonderful!!! and can't wait to see it, the chairs arrived in the shop a couple of weeks back - nothing like being prepared :-)

  2. I know if you design it, it will be grand! I would love to come to the retreat again, but don't know if I can swing it. In any case, I'll be there stitching with you in spirit!

  3. What fabulous book finds, Belinda! Looking forward to seeing your class project creations!