Monday, December 13, 2010

A Special Sampler Stocking

Isn't this most adorable miniature stocking you have ever seen??! It arrived in my mailbox this evening, along with several other special treasures. This little stocking was made by my dear friend Lorrie - and I just adore it - she used one of my favorite sampler fabrics...and I just love the added touch of the lace and button - it is perfect! I think I am going to add a little hanger, so (one day) when I have a tree, I will be able to hang it. It is approximately 5.5" in height, so it will make the best ornament. Thank you for brightening my day Lorrie - I will treasure this wonderful handmade gift!

Lorrie's surprise package couldn't have arrived at a better time - after finally getting over my head cold, my husband (who just gone home from a hunting trip) brought home a case of the stomach flu - ugh - I have just a touch of it and hope it doesn't get full blown - I am doing everything in my power to stay healthy - I have even been following Travis around with a can of Lysol and disinfecting everything he touches....hopefully the worst of it has passed.

I was able to do a little sewing and quilting today - finishing up some more holiday gifts. I did the quilting and binding on a project, cut 96 miniature tumbler blocks and did some piecing, and prepared a baby quilt for machine quilting (hopefully tomorrow). I am enjoying a few hours in my studio sewing each day to complete my Christmas presents. Over the next couple weeks, I will have lots of show and tell for you...for now, it is back to model stitching...

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  1. What a precious stocking to receive! Love the sampler print and the touch of lace and button!

    Keeping my fingers crossed you can stay healthy!