Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Gardens at Hollyhock Cottage

I am writing this particular blog post from Rockford, IL, where I am currently visiting my mother. Driving here yesterday in terrible rain storms was a challenge, and I was glad to finally arrive and see some sunshine in the afternoon...but it didn't last for long, as another terrible storm moved through the area last night. Yesterday afternoon I managed to visit The Needle and I, Acorn Quilts, and a local Sewing Center. Acorn Quilts was amazing - I really enjoyed this new shop - it was clean, organized, and beautiful - with lots of new fabrics and projects I had not seen in person before...one of the best little shops I have had the pleasure of visiting. I didn't pick up much to speak of at The Needle and I...one pattern and a needle minder with counting pins.

My mother took me on a tour of her gardens when we returned to her house (which she loving refers to as Hollyhock Cottage). Obviously my passion is needlework, sewing, and quilting - my mother's passion is gardening. It is hard to take photographs that do all her hard work justice. She grows both vegetables and flowers...and everything she plants seems to thrive...if you would have seen this yard before she started, you would be blown away by the transformation! Here are just a few photos:


  1. Love your mother's name for her home and really like the pic's you took, exspecially the flowers with the bee.

  2. What a lovely garden! Your Mom must really have a green thumb and put in lots of hard work.

  3. Beautiful gardens! Love the water feature!

  4. What a sanctuary your mom has created!

  5. Wow! This is funny.
    I live just south of Rockford.
    Pretty garden

  6. Love your Mom's garden. It gives me inspiration.

  7. Being a gardener as well as a stitcher and quilter, I can see your mother's passion. The flowers are so beautiful. My bergamot is up but not in bloom yet and seeing hers makes me long for mine.

    I am just visiting your blog for the first time. I wanted to tell you that I just posted about BRD and a SAL I just started with another friend. We started your Peppermint Twist yesterday but with a real twist for us. I hope you will stop by my blog and take a look. Thanks for all your fabulous designs!!!

    Hugs from Holland ~