Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Christmas Woolens

The holiday season is in full swing...and I (like so many of you) am rushing around, trying to get everything on the never-ending to-do list completed. The end of year always brings a pile of BRD deadlines and I have been busy getting the last design work of the year completed. My two new releases ("Woodland Tree Farm" and "Quilt Block Christmas") have arrived in needlework shops and at distributors, so be sure to add them to your holiday shopping cart. I just finished up a couple coordinating pieces for The World of Cross Stitching magazine, which will be in WOXS Issue 216 on sale in the UK on April 24, 2014...I am in the midst of a large video project for Annie's Publishing (more on this in the future)...and I am model stitching the next designs and working on charting for several very special projects. I have been so busy playing catch-up from my trip to California for the Komen 3-Day, that I almost forgot about Christmas...forgot is probably not the proper word...I have just been focused on other priorities...and all of a sudden I realized, I have a ton of things to do before the holiday. The last week has found me finishing up my handmade gifts and trying to write out some cards - yes, I am WAY behind. I managed to get a handful of small packages in the mail yesterday - a larger package in the mail today - and I have several packages left to finish up today...nothing like waiting until the last minute....and I still have a couple gifts to get done in the next week or so...

A couple weeks ago, I stopped at a local quilt shop for some machine embroidery thread...the shop was nicely decorated for Christmas and I noticed some hand stitched ornaments on their Christmas tree...and it reminded me, I had purchased a couple kits for the same adorable ornaments several years ago (yes, I said YEARS ago). The kit is called "Christmas Woolens" and is from Rachel's of Greenfield....and it includes everything you need to make six individual ornaments (wool felt, cotton floss, gold string for hangers, and complete instructions and templates). When I returned home, I dug through my stash, and sure enough, I found the kits...and resolved that I would stitch these woolen ornaments up for gifts this year. I was delightfully surprised to see I had already cut all the wool felt pieces when I purchased the kits, so that was a plus! So, last weekend when we drove up to Minnesota to pick-up Schatzi, I took these ornaments along and did lots of stitching in the car...in fact, over the last week, I managed to finish ten of these ornaments - the majority of which are already on their way to new homes. I did make a few changes - I changed up some of the colors when embellishing and added some additional stitches...plus I ironed on fusible interfacing to the back side of the felt with stitching before assembling (to keep the inside of the ornaments neat) - making it easier to place small items inside....and I added twisted cord for hangers. I was very happy with the results and even found a few little items that fit inside.

I have also made some time to sit at my sewing machine and get some other gifts completed - it felt good to have some creative time in my studio that was not work related - I have more quilting to do, but everything is cut and pressed and in individual piles ready for sewing...I just might be able to meet all my holiday deadlines...

For those of you who have asked about Schatzi - she is all settled in at home after her two months of formal training...and she is doing extremely well. She is following commands, playing much better with Simba, and is walking on a leash like an angel...don't get me wrong, she is still puppy 2.0, but she is much more controllable and affectionate - we are just THRILLED with her progress. She loves the cold and snow and even with the frigid temperatures, we are walking to the park and playing outside each day...and when it is just too darn cold, she runs on my treadmill. It is still a challenge trying to accomplish what I need to do in an average day with her "help", but she is maturing and learning each and every day and is a wonderful addition to our family.

For now, I am off to do a little house cleaning and finish up preparing lunch (I have been roasting a chicken while I write this post)...then once hubby leaves for work, I will be back to my deadlines and holiday rush...


  1. Your woolen ornaments are just adorable, Belinda! Love the picture of Schatzi in the snow! Enjoy your roast chicken lunch and enjoy your time later.


  2. Warm wishes for a Happy Holiday Belinda, may 2014 bring you much love, peace and enough joy to last the whole year through! Thanks for all you do:) xo