Saturday, December 21, 2013

Saturday Snippets...

I have been having TONS of fun and keeping quite busy in my studio...and I do have some really creative projects to share with you...however, most of my projects have been holiday gifts and many have not been opened by the recipients, so I am waiting to share them with you. I have been stitching, sewing, quilting, and doing machine embroidery...but you will have to wait a wee bit longer to see what I have been making. I have had a bit of a challenge with keeping Schatzi busy and entertained while I fact, I had to move my sewing/embroidery machine to our dining room so I could keep an eye on her and still be productive - she is very inquisitive and into everything, so I rarely let her go up to my studio loft. I managed to finish up all my holiday projects and everything has been wrapped and mailed...and now I am back to Blue Ribbon Designs projects - which at the moment includes charting some new and exciting pieces. I am working hard to get ahead, as it looks like I might have some large commissioned quilting projects to work on in the next couple weeks. So, for now, since I can't share my creative projects with you just yet, here are Schatzi's three graduation photos...these were taken in Minnesota a couple weeks ago when she graduated from her formal training...and very, very soon, I will have some handmade items to share with you...I promise!


  1. Schatzi is a beautiful girl, Belinda! Glad you are able to get things accomplished even though you had to move to the dining room.

    Have a super weekend!


  2. Schatzi is just gorgeous! She really is a beautiful dog (and I love her black coat!)

    I was reading your previous post about the Bacon Festival and then looked at your pictures from last year and noticed that you are wearing a University of Michigan shirt & jacket. Are you a fan? Alum? Just curious,.


    1. Hi Barb,
      I am replying here in hopes you will see my message, as you are a no-reply blogger and did not leave me an e-mail address. I am a HUGE Michigan fan - and yep, my wardrobe is full of Michigan clothing - my grandfather studied at U of M and I spent the majority of my younger years with him, watching games and cheering on the Wolverines! Although I was born and raised in Iowa, I have been a Michigan fan since I was a toddler - my husband is a Michigan fan too - when he picked me up for our first date many years ago, he was wearing a Michigan turtleneck and I knew I found a good guy. We fly the Michigan flag proudly! :-)

  3. Schatzi is a beautiful dog and I can well imagine the mischief she could get into! Merry Christmas!