Thursday, December 26, 2013

My Heart Is Full

12 Blessings of Christmas Flip-It: Friends (Lizzie Kate)
After a very quiet and relaxing holiday, I am ready to get back to fact, I have been at my desk most of the afternoon plotting and planning new projects. I did take the day off yesterday (which is really unheard of) and enjoyed some much needed time with my husband and our two dogs...I even slept in and watched a movie in the afternoon without any stitching or work in my hands. I also opened my Christmas package from my very dear friend Robin...and I am so glad I saved it for Christmas day! I just *had to* share some of the contents with you...because it included not one, but TWO cross stitched gifts! A beautiful ornament...and a gorgeous flat-finish with a beaded hanger - aren't they both treasures?! I feel so blessed to have these on display in my home...both exquisite reminders of  our friendship across the miles. Robin has a knack for making the perfect stitchy gifts...she always picks colors that match my style - and designs that match my personality...and her work is superb. Both of these gifts are so very special and I am touched beyond belief! I will be hanging the Be True In Heart finish in a place of prominence in my home - it is absolutely GORGEOUS in person - I am proud to place her heartfelt gifts among my personal stitching and BRD models. Robin knows how much I enjoy tiny wrapped packages, so she included a plethora of items for me to unwrap...including some delightful and inspiring bird/owl fabrics for my sewing/quilting addiction. I must say, I am so very heart is full. Robin - thank you for sharing your beautiful talent with me and for giving me so much to be thankful for this holiday season!

Alphabet Ornament Collection: Letter B
(Designs by Nancy Turner - Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe)

L-R: Flights of Fancy by Lucy Sturgess for Studio E Fabircs
Mini Birds (Mini-C1382-Multi) by Timeless Treasures
Fall Fun by Stella Jean Licensed to Wilmington Prints


  1. These gifts are just gorgeous! What a treasure from your friend.

    Thank you, too, for your beautiful designs. It was so fun to look at your designs - so many beautiful choices that caught my eye. I wish you continued success and happiness!

  2. What lovely gifts. You have been spoiled!

  3. So nice. What nice treats. Its good you took a day to relax. I love the fabrics. Have a happy new year.

  4. Glad you are happy with your gifts! I enjoyed stitching them for you!


  5. Beautiful gifts you received for Christmas!