Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Brightening Up Winter

View from my deck door...
I should have never posted I have "spring fever"...because what happens?? snows for two consecutive days...making my fever increase by several more degrees. I was supposed to visit my dear friend Kimber yesterday - but awoke to 6 inches of fresh snow...and all sorts of weather advisories and traffic accidents...and forecasts for 24+ more hours of snowfall. I promptly (and unhappily) canceled my road trip and made plans to stay safely home - even though I have 4-wheel drive vehicle, I rather be safe than sorry. To deal with the snow, ice, wind, cold temperatures and basic gloom - I decided to surround myself with the beautiful colors of spring. The first thing I did was settle in with a hot cup of tea and one of my absolute favorite magazines - Mollie Makes - it is now available for my Nook Color which thrills me! I also did some planning for some Etsy projects and worked on some class kits. In the afternoon, I did some new cross stitch charting...including an ornament for the 2013 Just CrossStitch Ornament Issue and some fine tuning for the New England Stitcher's Retreat project in progress.

An assortment of bright and cheery Riley Blake Fabrics I am playing with...
"Sunny Happy" Skies by Bella Blvd.

Mail delivery has been a little "hit or miss" during inclement weather this year, but to my surprise, the mailman delivered a couple cheerful packages today. I received a fabulous birthday package from my dear, dear friend Ruth which was a complete ray of sunshine - it included 72 rolls of bright decorative ribbon, bakers twine, and jute - 24 ribbon spools of each (5-yards per spool) should have seen my eyes light up when I saw this fabulous assortment - my jaw hit the floor! The package also included a very fun birthday mug filled with K-cups and specialty hot chocolate packages...and a lovely "sisters" plate with easel. Such a cheerful, thoughtful, and timely package!!

Also in the mail - a little surprise from California - including this adorable fluffy chick...seriously - how cute and "springy" is this??!

Last night, my husband needed me to venture out in the VERY nasty weather to take him to pick up a rental car for a business we ran some errands and had a nice dinner out (it was actually relaxing - with all the snowfall the city was extremely quiet!)...and we finally went and picked up my new walking shoes! I am so thrilled to have a good pair of shoes for training and I am saving my pennies for a second pair...I am guessing I will need at least two more pairs for my Komen 3-Day journey. What a difference a GOOD pair of shoes make  - and aren't they bright and cheerful?! The color is listed as "Black with Electric Pink and Apple"....and since the walk is for breast cancer, they just *had to* have PINK...

Just a few things that are brightening up my gloomy winter days...if you are in the path of winter weather, I hope you have some bright and cheerful items/colors to lift your spirits...


  1. Ah the New England Retreat can't wait. CJ in OK

  2. those shoes are great!!! I need details!!! :>)
    I too am ready for spring. We got our first real snow this week. It was absolutely gorgeous, but ok, now I am ready for spring!!!!!
    What great gifts you got in the mail!! How fun!

  3. Waoo !!!what fantastic post you shared with us.Speciely these shoes are really great.

  4. Sorry the snow put a damper on your outing to Kimber's! I would be happy to take the snow off your hands! You have received some wonderful goodies though.


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