Thursday, February 7, 2013

Hearts Aflutter

I just love working on projects for Valentine's Day - for some reason, it makes me happy to work with red and pink fabrics and heart motifs. I have been enjoying "playing" with some of the fabulous Valentine fabrics in my stash. I have quite a bit of yardage of the retired line "Hearts Aflutter" by Sandy Gervais for Moda, so I decided to make a couple sets of L.O.V.E. pillows - these fun little pillows measure 5" H x 5" W...the letters and hearts are machine applique with a blanket stitch...and the backs are wool felt in barnyard red. I made a set for myself a couple years ago and I enjoy putting it on display each year (sometimes they are out year round) - they look great on a shelf or in a bowl or basket - they just seem to cheer up a room!

I also finished up a couple wool applique pincushions filled with crushed walnut shells. These heartfelt pincushion tops are machine appliqué (wool felt/fabric on quality quilting fabric)...and the backs are wool felt in barnyard red. I tacked a small lace flower in the center of the white wool flower for a special touch. Each one measures approximately 5" H x 5" W x 1.75" D....and the walnut shells give the pincushion a nice heavy consistency. I was just tickled with how these turned out....and of course, they can be used as small decorative pillows...

I have added these special "heart" items to my Etsy Shop - I  hope they all find a good home for the upcoming Valentine's Day holiday!

I have now started on items for St. Patrick's Day - I have an assortment of Shamrock Lace Ornaments that I will be adding very soon....


  1. Great looking pillows and pincushions.

  2. Very lovely! Way to go, Belinda! Looking forward to seeing your Shamrock ornaments!


  3. I love the pillows, especially the blanket stitch around the heart. Just beautiful. Linda Hasz, a fan of all your work.