Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A Little Creative Inspiration

Yesterday I mentioned I had a few fun/creative ideas to share with you - a couple stitchy pieces and the most unique pincushion I have ever received. These were all included in birthday packages I received from faraway friends (yes, I know, I am a lucky girl!).

First - here are two gorgeous stitched gifts from my dear, dear friend Robin. I am always in awe when I receive packages from Robin - she has given me the most exquisite stitched presents...and I always feel spoiled when I received her packages filled with wrapped presents! Robin knows me well and I can always tell how much thought and time went into each gift. For my birthday, she sent me two items that she cross owl pincushion/pillow ("You're A Hoot!" by Myrtle Grace Motifs), which is the perfect colors - and I adore the finishing...and a fabulous stand-up ("Secret Birdhouse" by The Trilogy)- the finishing is really cool! - I have it laying flat to take the photo, but it is an easel type stand-up (plus I like the way the design looks different from all angles - I have it placed in the photo the way it looks on the cover of the chart). In typical Robin fashion, she enclosed multiple other fun items including a great assortment of fabrics - including two bird fabrics and a squirrel fabric (...and as you all know, "it's all about the squirrel")....

And finally, I just had to share this pincushion - it came from a very special and very talented friend - it truly is the most unique and creative pincushion I have ever received...and the photos don't come close to doing it justice! It is an embellished baby shoe...isn't it adorable??!! I thought this was the cutest idea...and I just adore the "vintage look" floral accents and the beautiful letter "B"...this gift made me smile from ear to is quite a treasure!

So there you have it - a little "eye candy" - I hope you are inspired by these lovely gifts...and maybe you will feel creative enough to make a little something for a close friend! I have been told I have a few other items that will be arriving in the mail soon - so I am hoping to have more to share with you soon...


  1. What a precious pincushion created from a baby shoe! Hope you had a wonderful birthday, Belinda!


  2. Beautiful gifts! That pincushion is so very unique. Wishing you a belated Happy Birthday!