Sunday, November 1, 2009

Time For Some "Therapy"

Now that I am finally starting to feel better, I am frantically trying to meet a pile of deadlines...I am completely overwhelmed to say the least...I am finally starting to make some progress on the "task list", but my stress level is at an all time high. So, I decided it was time for some sewing and quilting therapy...just a couple hours to regroup and re-prioritize...and to be honest, it was just what I needed to clear my head and lower my blood pressure. So here is a little bit about my Sunday sewing project...

I have had my hot pads and pot holders for years...haven't replaced them as long as I can remember...I have my favorites and use them all the time...they are not pretty anymore...they have stains and burn marks and look "well loved". I never gave them too much thought, until Shelli sent me her new "Hot Pads" project to test...and then I decided I needed to make new ones. This is a great "You Can Sew This" project...the tutorial was quick and easy...and best of all, it is FREE at! There are fabulous step by step instructions and color photographs - a beginner could easily handle these. The finish size is about 9" square...and they use 2 layers of Warm & Natural Batting and one layer of Insul-Brite (insulated batting), so they are nice and thick. The supply list is minimal...and I made two in a short amount of time. I made my own bias binding, but the directions show you how to use purchased bias tape...and I used grosgrain ribbon for the hangers, but the directions show you how to use bias tape. A fun and very useful project...I will be making more of these...maybe some for holiday gifts...
Now back to that ever-growing task list...but at least I feel rejuvenated! Make a few hours to do something you enjoy...


  1. how pretty! I will be checking out that tutorial! What a great idea for Christmas gifts, along with some sort of baked goodies!!

  2. They came out great and I think your idea as gifts will be perfect. Everyone has those ugly but well loved potholders in the drawer. CJ ok;-)

  3. It's always wonderful when needle therapy works it's magic. You are motivating me to get to the ones I've wanted to do for awhile, thanks. Maybe this week I'll make some time to get to them. Thanks for the link.

  4. Those are really cute. Good Christmas idea.

  5. I have been looking for a simple sewing project for myself to better learn how to use my machine. I think this pot holder project will be it. Thanks for sharing!