Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Homemade Holiday Gift Ideas ~ Number Three

Today's easy homemade gift idea is a humbug bag. These unique shaped bags are easy to make...and require few materials...the shape is based on a traditional 19th century English candy, from which the bag takes its name. They can be sewn/quilted with a regular sewing machine...or done in the embroidery hoop for those with an embroidery machine. McKenna Linn has a great "Humbug Bag" pattern for those of you with a sewing machine....quick and easy. For those of you with an embroidery machine, The Purple Hat has digitized Humbug Bags that are made almost entirely in the embroidery hoop. You can make these bags in various sizes...with fabric to match your recipients personal style....fill them with candies or baked goods or small treasures....medium and large bags are great for stitching/sewing necessities, make-up, jewelry, hair accessories, crayons, jacks, marbles, etc. - the options are endless! For those of you wanting to play with this idea, One Hour Craft has a fun, free tutorial that makes humbug bags out of patterned paper to fill with treats. I made the bags in the photo with holiday fabrics from my stash and plan to use them for small gift bags this Christmas.


  1. That's really cute. I love it. ~ Dawn ~

  2. these are adorable!!! I wish I could sew better!!!
    Oh, by the way!!!! I ordered the two patterns today that I was waiting on!!!!! :>)