Saturday, November 21, 2009

Homemade Holiday Gift Ideas ~ Number Four

Today's holiday gift idea makes a great stocking stuffer...a tissue holder. These holders are made for pocket packs of tissues and there are a lot of different sewing patterns...along with a number of ways to "spruce" them up. I am going to give you some of my favorites!

For simple sewing, I have two favorite patterns. The Teacher's Pet has an inexpensive and unique pattern called "Tissue Totes"...this pattern is for adorable two fabric tissues holders with or without a hang tab (bottom right in the photo). Another favorite is from Thimbleberries and is from a fabulous pattern called "Quilter's Carry-All & Accessories" - this quilt pattern also includes a tote bag, planner cover, and eyeglass case!

For quilting in a machine embroidery hoop - The Purple Hat has a great digitized quilted tissue holder done completely in the hoop and is part of the Purse Essentials Set (which also includes an eyeglass case and zippered cosmetic bag). I love this design, as it has a zipper for closure, perfect for throwing in your tote or purse.

If you want to machine embroider a design on an in-the-hoop tissue case, visit Embroidery Library and check out the "In-The-Hoop Tissue Holders Design Pack". There are a variety of embroideries for these fun little tissue cases (bottom left in the photo)...

And finally, for those wanting a FREE tutorial or pattern to try, here are a couple of places online where you can print out instructions...

As you can see, these little tissue holders are easy to make and offer lots of options. For a special treat - put a package of Swankie Hankies or decorative tissues inside!


  1. Those are wonderful! Thank you for the link. ~ Dawn ~

  2. I love your Christmas present idea posts! Thanks for sharing!!!!