Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sunday Sewing

This morning I found a little "me" time with a quiet house...time to play with some machine embroidery and do a tiny bit of sewing. I started out working on a new zippered cosmetic bag for my purse...and enjoyed it so much, I decided to make a second little envelope-style pouch. The digitized embroidery came from "Pretty Purses in the Hoop" by Anna Haraldsson for Husqvarna Viking. The embroidery is done first - I used rayon threads (black and charcoal), along with a black metallic thread for the circle centers (a little bit of sparkle)...all on a silk fabric base. After the embroidery is complete, there is a small amount of sewing to finish off the pouches. A nice Sunday morning project...before getting back to work...

The last couple days I have been busy rearranging my design warehouse, bagging charts, packing and shipping automatic shop orders, and working on some new charting for releases in 2010. It is a crazy, hectic time. Since I have all my designs professionally printed, I keep stock of each piece in what my husband and I affectionately call the "warehouse"...every several months, I have to condense/organize the warehouse for the new designs. I thought you might appreciate seeing a couple photos of this special room (while it is under "under control") wall is shelving, ceiling to floor, with bagged charts in numerical release wall has shelving (more bagged charts) with a counter-top for packaging and weighing...the closet is filled with organized packing materials. The angle of the room and the height of the shelving makes it hard to get good images, but you get the idea! It is now time to get back to bagging charts...only twenty plus boxes to go...


  1. the pouches look great Belinda. Also, so does all of your storage area!!! I should show my husband the pictures & NOT tell him you are a designer!!!! I could say, hey, you think I have a lot, look at this ladies storage area!! ha!!! He would know better thou!
    Can't wait for the new designs! I keep watching & waiting & reading!!

  2. Hi Belinda,

    The pouches look great.

    I found an easy pattern to make pouches so I might try to make one after the Holidays. Hmmmm... We;ll see.

    Enjoyed seeing the patters of the warehouse! Looks like a very nice setup. :-)

    Windy Meadow