Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving Day

To those of you celebrating today, Happy Thanksgiving! It was a lovely day here in central Iowa...and I hosted/cooked the Thanksgiving meal. I have so many things to be extremely thankful for...loving family, a wonderful husband, amazing friends (who accept me, my quirks, and my crazy busy schedule!), a career I find joy in every single day...too many things to list...and I am thankful for all of you who share my passion, encourage me with your comments and emails, and support my designs - you all brighten my days!

The plate photo (on the right), is my husband's first helping of Thanksgiving dinner - his mother and I both admired the artistic layout of his meal and how it could be in a magazine photo shoot - I just had to take a picture! Below is a shot of our dinner table...

Wishing you all a wonderful holiday - filled with family, friends, food, and laughter....take a little time to count your blessings...and a little time to stitch....


  1. Happy thanksgiving to you all.
    Michelle x

  2. Happy Thanksgiving to you! Sorry for coming on late. I was busy with my girls. The dinner looks good. ~ Dawn ~