Thursday, May 21, 2009

A Couple Hours to Unwind

This is a busy time of year for is for most designers in the needlework industry - the TNNA Summer NeedleArts Market is just around the corner (June) and I am busy getting three new designs ready for release. This morning brought me a bit of relief...sometimes I just need a break to bring me back into focus. I had to take Simba (my Shih Tzu) to the groomer - and that gave me a couple hours to unwind. I made a trip up north to Ames to the Quilting Connection to pick up a couple new presser feet for my sewing machine and some embroidery threads (plus I got to check out some new items from the quilt market last weekend - always a treat!). I even had time to run a couple errands before it was time to pick up my "little king"....then it was off to the framer to pick up "Americana Panorama" (a new design for June). This afternoon will bring as much stitching as I can fit in before an EGA Chapter meeting this evening. Always remember to take a little time for yourself...and enjoy the beauty that surrounds you...


  1. Awww, what a handsome boy. Glad to see you have a blog now. Love the new designs! Can't you slow down for awhile -- I already have plenty of your designs to catch up on :)


  2. Woooohooo!! You now have a blog!! :)
    Stopping by to say hello on a greyish Sunday morning in Poland (well, at least in Warsaw!)... Simba is a-do-ra-ble!

  3. Hi there ~ I'm excited to read your blog. It's wonderful. I can't wait to see what you've done.


  4. I was hoping to see pictures of Simba on your blog. :) Welcome to the world of blogging!

  5. What a handsome little guy & welcome to the world of blogging!