Thursday, May 28, 2009

Smiles All Day...

Today has been a wonderful day! The weather is lovely - my printing proofs were perfect - I picked up a new design from my framer and it looks better than I could even imagine - and I am actually going to have some sewing time tonight - it really doesn't get much better....I have been smiling all day!

Today's photo is of "A Stitcher's Companion" - a BEAUTIFUL hand-painted set of needlework treasures by Liberty Hill - and using it just brightens my day! This special painted box contains a 3" starter square with wool pouch (I love the star shell button), a scissor fob, an adorable ruler, and a floss ring tag. Over the years, I have built quite a collection of Liberty Hill's amazing accessories...they just keep getting better and better (if that is possible). Take the time to admire some of your special keepsakes....


  1. I have seen those close up at Stitch N Bitch ~ it was Sally's daughter's birthday (the shop owner). They're beautiful. You're lucky.

  2. I have this one too, Bel, and I love it!!