Wednesday, May 27, 2009

It's The Little Things...

As much as I wanted to be sewing today....I was actually playing catch-up and working on my website...seems like my design career has taken over my life lately. Most of the new release photos are posted on the website and I am working on posting the materials/specific pages tonight (at least until my husband is home from work) while listening to the Yankees/Rangers game (GO YANKEES!). I had time for one small sewing project today - a little wallet - this is another design by The Purple Hat called a "Quick Gift Wallet". I had the most fun finding the square button in my button collection and searching through my fat quarters to find fun/coordinating fabrics....sometimes the smallest things bring us joy!


  1. How adorable! Great job and a fun little gift project!

  2. I've been an admirer of your x stitch designs for some time now but only today discovered your blog.
    I LOVE all these little sewing projects you are showing. Thanks so much for the link to the Purple Hat. I had not heard of them before but see many things on the website I'd like to make.