Monday, May 18, 2009

My First Blog Entry

I never considered myself someone with a voice - I never considered myself someone who others would want to know more about - I never considered myself a "blogger". Don't get me wrong, I usually have a lot to say - I just didn't think any of it was relevant enough to post to the world.

Who am I? I am a private person....a self-proclaimed control freak...most times a perfectionist....beyond organized....super analytical....and a little bit obsessive compulsive. I have a deep passion for all things done with a needle and thread - a lover of fabrics, fibers, and textiles. I am an admirer of the creative, unique, and artistic.

What will you find in my blog? My needlework, sewing, quilting, and machine embroidery projects and ideas - things that inspire me - daily ramblings - and perhaps some insight into my design business.

I hope you will follow me on this journey....a new creative outlet for my passions and obsessions.


  1. Welcome to Blogland, so very nice to see you here my friend!

    Stitchin Sweet Sue

  2. Well, your personality sounds perfect as a blogger. Welcome, and look forward to learning and seeing more...

  3. Hello and Welcome indeed to the world of stitching friends all through blogging.. I love your designs and have had 'Between the Lines' for two months saying start, start me and I have had other things to do... but this month I will be able to start. I love cross stitching and like hundreds of women, am a fanatic!
    Hope to pop back and read a lot more about you and your crafts.