Thursday, October 17, 2019

Studio Scrapbook

It is late Wednesday morning (although this will post on Thursday) and I thought I stop by for a visit, before sitting down at the sewing machine. It has been a productive week and I am steadily working through needlework finishing and project bag orders after taking a vacation at the end of September. My needlework finishing deadline for the holidays was September 30th (contact me if you missed the target date) and quite a few orders rolled in at that I already had some large orders logged in. I will (hopefully) be finishing up three project bag orders later today, then a needlework finishing frenzy will ensue.

So, here is a peek at a few of the finished items that have been shipped off to their respective homes...lots of ornaments, project bags, a few special pieces of finishing and some stitching mats...

For project bags that are ready to purchase - visit my Etsy Shop (assorted bags are listed when available):
For custom made project bags - send me an e-mail for details (e-mail link is located in my profile - top right corner).

Well, time to head to the sewing machine - I have a goal in mind, so I can start needlework finishing orders tomorrow.

This coming weekend, I will be headed up to Illinois to visit my mom and Dan - I am taking the train for the first time (Amtrak runs from Kansas City, MO to Mendota, IL), so it should be interesting. We are headed to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin on Sunday to walk around the lake (which Dan completes every year) - the website says:
The Geneva Lake shore path is a public footpath created by early settlers of the region.  It provides a glimpse into the rich history of the area and some of the Midwest's most beautiful homes and gardens.  The shore path meanders along the lakeshore, crossing the front lawns of lakefront estates, association beaches and public parks.  The terrain is meant for walkers and varies from grass to dirt to brick and concrete. The entire shore path is just over 20 miles in length and takes 8 to 10 hours to walk. 
I'll do my best to take photos and tell you all about it upon my return....


  1. I am loving your bags, I must take a look at them.
    I love your finishing.
    Have a wonderful time visiting.


  2. All of the bags are so pretty.
    There are some great shops in downtown Lake Geneva, if you get the chance.

  3. those bags have my drool all over them:)

  4. I love seeing the assorted bags you create, Belinda! The fabrics are always such beautiful pieces. The finished items you have completed are gorgeous. Well done! I hope you had a good trip to see your Mom and Dan. Can't wait to hear about it!