Thursday, October 24, 2019

Lake Geneva Shore Path

This past weekend, I was blessed to walk the Shore Path around Lake Geneva with my mom and Dan and extended family. It was a super special occasion, as it was Dan's 50th (yes, I said 50th!) time to complete the yearly hike - an incredible accomplishment. Dan's son Shawn (who was walking for a notable 34th time), along with his wife Erin and their four daughters were also Erin's mother and a member of the local hiking club. All in all, seven of us made the entire 22-mile hike around the lake, with the others taking turns running the support car. It was a gorgeous autumn day and while many of the boats and docks were removed for winter storage and some of the houses were closed up and winterized, there was still an abundance of beauty...and the trail was still crowded in spots with everyone trying to take in the last sunny days of the season.

The Shore Path around Geneva Lake features many historic estates with well kept lawns and gardens...and the lake itself is crystal clear. According to the website, the shore line of Geneva Lake is about 20+ miles, but the path reaches up to almost 26 miles with it weaving in and out of the woods along the shoreline. At the end of our full day, my Apple watch read 27.21 miles (nearly 60,000 steps). One of the things I found most interesting - home owners are responsible to maintain their own section of the path throughout their property, which makes the trail extremely unique. Each property owner puts their own spin on their segment of the shore path - we came across paths made from stone, brick, wood, clay, metal, grass, cement, rock, sand, name it...and some have placed benches to rest, artwork and statues - some even have bridges over streams and creeks...and the gardening found along the path was spectacular. This remarkable trail gives the walker an up-close view of many of the mansions and homes and visitors are asked to stay on the path. Dogs are welcome on the trail (and we saw quite a few), but bicycles, scooters and strollers are not - the path is specifically for walkers and hikers. The footpath is divided into sections with only several public access points - we were lucky to have a support car, so no need to carry gear. We stopped for lunch at Popeye's on Lake Geneva (not the fast food chain) after completing the first 11 miles - then finished the walk at dusk. It was a wonderful day and a big accomplishment (especially for Maya, Dan's 6-year-old granddaughter who finished the entire hike! - she's standing in front of me in the family photo below - in fact, three of the four girls made it all the way around...and one had a leg injury but still managed 12 miles!). Here are some of my favorite sights, shown in the order on photos to enlarge...

It was an incredible journey with loved ones and I was so blessed to be a part of this special day and tradition. I truly hope I have the chance to visit Lake Geneva again in the future, because I know there is so much more to see!

For now, I am back in the studio - energized and full of inspiration...up to my eyeballs in sewing and needlework finishing - the holiday rush is here! I am steadily working through the stacks of client orders and enjoying the time in my happy place...

Take a little time to enjoy the beauty that surrounds you!


  1. Oh Belinda, what beautiful photos you shared today! The surroundings around you as you hiked/walked with Dan and family are truly breath-taking. Thank you for taking us along and sharing what you saw through your camera's lens. xoxoxo

  2. Spectacular photo's of Lake Geneva. I love walks in nature. Thanks

  3. Belinda: Happy Birthday to that 50 year old youngster.
    What a beautiful what you had.
    The photos are stunning.


  4. It sounds like something that should be on a bucket list. Thanks for sharing