Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Autumn Adventure

I had a wonderful whirlwind trip to northern Illinois over the weekend. It was the first time since moving to Kansas that I was able to make a trip up to Lake Summerset to visit my mom and Dan...and this time I took the train. Amtrak runs from Union Station in Kansas City to the tiny town of Mendota, IL, so I thought I would try it out - overall, it was a good experience, minus the four hour delay of my departing train (Amtrak was kind enough to call the day before, so I could adjust my schedule). It was a short visit, but I was able to complete the 22-mile walk around Lake Geneva, WI on Sunday (it was an incredible milestone event for Dan, marking his 50th yearly hike around the lake) and I was able to spend some quality time with my mom. Saturday morning, we had breakfast at Lakeside Inn, which we try to do each time I come for a visit...and Dan had the Alaskan waffle (a waffle topped with strawberries, ice cream and whipped cream), which always makes me smile. Later, we walked my mom's beautiful gardens and talked about her gardening plans for the future...and I even picked a handful of delicious fresh red raspberries (my favorite!). Even with the gardens settling down for winter, butterflies were prevalent and a few colorful blooms still added a pop of color. Dan was kind enough to take me on a tour around the lake, before the boat goes into winter storage this week...and, as always, the dogs came along for the ride...

It was difficult to  leave their lakeside paradise on Monday is such a calming and charming place, filled with creative inspiration....and spending time with my mom brings me joy. Monday afternoon, it was time to make the trip back to quaint small town of Mendota, IL where the train would return me to was a great trip!

I took a TON of photos on the lake shore path when we hiked around Lake Geneva and will be back to tell you all about that journey tomorrow...


  1. It looked like an incredible weekend -- time with your Mom and Dan, gorgeous weather, a lengthy walk, and nature. Thank you for sharing your pictures. I did chuckle about Dan's Alaskan Waffle; I had one of those a couple months back, but I had chocolate chips and chocolate sauce on mine.

  2. Beautiful pics of Lake Geneva.
    That's a huge waffle!
    Glad you enjoyed your little getaway.