Wednesday, July 12, 2017

In The Zone

It is another late night post for me...I had the most productive day!  Those finishing orders I was telling you about yesterday are well underway...and oh my goodness, there are some GORGEOUS photos coming in the next few days! I have some very talented clientele and I am honored that they trust me to finish their work. I started with a couple of the most challenging pieces this morning and it took me some time to decide my plan of attack, but once I got started, I was on a roll and the day flew by...and now, it is almost midnight here...

As I mentioned in my previous post, I managed to accomplish quite a bit in my sewing studio over the last few weeks...lots of custom sewing, model stitching, gifts, and new Etsy items...and quite a bit of design work. Here are just a few of my recent sewing/quilting finishes...and I have more creative things in store to show you soon (there are six large projects I can't show you just yet)...

So, there is just a touch of what has been happening in the studio...I'll have a bunch of additional creative inspiration for you soon!


  1. Everything is so pretty and colorful.

  2. You definitely have been in the zone. Each item you have created is simply fabulous. But, I am partial to the mini wall hanging with the crow and Mason jar.