Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Blue Jeans and Daisies - Part One

The Mystery Sampler Club is kicking off this week, as patterns for part one have started shipping from Norden Crafts to your favorite needlework shops! I am so excited for you to see the first installment of "Blue Jeans and Daisies".

For those of you who are not familiar with the Mystery Sampler Club - let me quickly catch you up to speed...
You have to sign up with your favorite needlework shop (you can only get it through a needlework shop - your shop of choice - LNS or ONS) - they will have all the details for the program...and before you comment/post/email "I don't have a local needlework shop" - contact the shop where you purchase your stitching stash (charts and supplies)...it can be a local shop OR an online needlework shop...OR visit the "Locate" page on my website for a list of shops that will be able to assist you.  There will be three parts to the "mystery sampler" - the first part (featured in this post) is shipping now - the second part will be released in February - and the third part will be released in March....together all three parts make one large sampler...with a photo of the entire project to be released with the third and final installment (hence the "mystery"). Many of you are familiar with the Lizzie Kate "Very Scary" Mystery Sampler and the With Thy Needle & Thread "Birds of a Feather" Mystery Sampler - this is the very same program.

Now that we have everyone on the same page...here is a look at part one...and a few details...

The mystery sampler is stitched on 30-count Blue Jeans hand-dyed fabric by Weeks Dye Works - this exact fabric is also available in 35-count, should you prefer a higher count linen. It is stitched with Weeks Dye Works cotton floss...and a DMC conversion is provided.
See a complete supply listing on my website: http://www.blueribbondesigns.com/BRD109A%20Specifics.html

Part one uses the following stitches (and yes, diagrams are provided): Cross Stitch over two linen threads, Back Stitch, Rhodes Heart, and Fly Stitch Variation.

The chartpack also includes part one of the Springtime Jumble. Here is a little information about the Springtime Jumble:
The answer to the springtime jumble will be the password to open a mystery bonus design - this mystery bonus will be revealed on my website (http://www.blueribbondesigns.com) when the third and final mystery sampler installment is released. You will need to collect all three patterns to complete the Springtime Jumble and unlock the mystery bonus. Details can be found inside each package.

Each installment contains a fun finishing idea...and the finishing idea for part one is a scissor fob - finishing instructions are included. Use a motif from part one of the sampler (I used the Robin square) and some fabric and floss from your stash to make a springtime scissor fob!

Specifics (complete supply listings, stitch counts, stitches used, etc.) can be found on my website: 

Additional photos can be found on my website:

Contact your needlework shop of choice to join in the fun...or if you have questions...they will assist you with obtaining the patterns, the threads, the fabric...and they can answer questions and provide you with alternative sizes and supplies.

I hope you are excited to get started on this special springtime edition of the Mystery Sampler Club!


  1. I ordered mine yesterday! Cannot wait to get it! Love you designs Belinda!

  2. Part One is a Christmas gift to me from my sister. The package will include fabric and floss. I am thrilled to be getting this and can't hardly wait until it arrives at my door.

  3. So excited I can't stand it. lol I so love your designs.

  4. LOVE the beehive & the blue fabric you chose!! Can't wait to see it all unravel!! :-)

  5. Part 1 looks positively delightful, Belinda! Looking for to getting it in my hands! Thanks for creating such a wonderful design!


  6. Love, love, love it. Putting it No. 1 on my stitching list. Thanks for a beautiful design.