Thursday, January 24, 2013

Hearts & Snowflakes

Machine Embroidered Faux Tatted Hearts
Now that I am feeling much better, I have been playing catch-up with all things Blue Ribbon Designs...and one of the very few creative endeavors I can pursue while working at my desk is machine embroidery. My sewing table is only a few feet from my desk in my studio, so I am able to set-up and run my embroidery machine while I work at the computer. I have had many requests for more machine embroidered lace snowflakes, so I wanted to get a few sets put together for my Etsy shop...and with Valentine's Day right around the corner, I have been enjoying making machine embroidered motif and faux tatted hearts! I have actually been working on three different styles of machine embroidered hearts - motif hearts, faux tatted hearts, and faux tatted hearts with a pecot edge. Each heart measures just under 4" square...and is completely made of embroidery thread. I worked with several shades of red and pink - and added a ribbon hanger to each (which can be easily removed) so they can be tied to hang in a window or on an ornament tree...and these hearts would be great for scrapbooking, for embellishing a valentine card, for a gift tag, or for inserting in a valentine as a gift. I have listed quite an assortment of snowflakes and hearts in my Etsy shop....

Machine Embroidered Motif Hearts

Machine Embroidered Faux Tatted Hearts with Picots

Machine Embroidered Snowflakes
Although I have an overwhelming business to-do list right now, I do have some great sewing/quilting projects ready to go...I absolutely love fabric for Valentine's Day and just went into my fabric stash and pulled yardage of cute reds and pinks for a few fun ideas. Now I just have to make the time...


  1. Oh, those are gorgeous!

  2. I need them! They are so gorgeous.

  3. Love them! Must get some!


  4. Everyone is more gorgeous than the last!! Love them, Belinda.

    That business to-do list is never ending, but at least our businesses are fun, right?

  5. Those are absolutely gorgeous - now I need a sewing machine that can do that.

  6. Love mine Belinda. The pink I purchased will go on my forever breast cancer tree that is up year round in my office and the red mi not sure what I will do with it but had to have.
    Thanks. xoxo Mary