Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Valentine Snow Day

We are in the middle of another winter storm here in Iowa - inches of snow, bitter cold temperatures, and extreme winds - a great day to stay inside and be fact, I only ventured outside today to walk try to walk Simba (and that was quite an adventure, as my neighbors didn't feel it was important to clean their sidewalks and driveways). I have spent the last couple days catching up on paperwork, doing my year-end business reporting, my sales taxes, and cleaning/rearranging and inventorying my warehouse...and I must say, I am thrilled to have those "not-so-fun" tasks done. Today I decided to spend my snow day playing in my studio...the theme for today was Valentine's Day!

I decided to finish up another batch of machine embroidered lace hearts for my Etsy shop...I had some color requests and some custom orders, so I got all those finished and shipped...and I managed to get an assortment of 34 hearts listed. In my digitized machine embroidery library I found my favorite tiny lace heart, so I started making a small batch...I also played with some wools and made another one of my heart/flower embellished zippered pouches...and I got fabrics cut for several more sewing projects. It was a wonderful afternoon/evening and I enjoyed every minute...

Machine embroidered lace hearts for my Etsy Shop...

Tiny machine embroidered FSL hearts in progress...

Heart/flower embellished zippered wool pouch...

A Valentine project in progress...
I have one more fun thing to share with you today - last weekend my husband took me out for an afternoon...after all, it had been weeks since I had been out and about - the flu had kept me cooped up for WAY too long. We had a delightful lunch, then headed to our favorite coffee shop...then I twisted his arm (it wasn't hard) to take me to the new cupcake shop that just opened up in our neighborhood - it is called Scratch Cupcakery...and it was AMAZING! I have never seen so many beautifully decorated cupcakes in one place - and that is a good thing, as they were packed with people - we had to wait in line and I think we watched about 50 cupcakes walk out the door in the few minutes we were there. Their cupcake menu is extensive and we had a terrible time trying to narrow down our choices. We decided to pick-up four cupcakes - 2 for for then and one for later...we both wanted to try Toffee...and I wanted to try White Chocolate Raspberry, but since they were sold out, I was "forced" to try Raspberry Love...and my husband tried Coconut. I must tell you - they tasted as good as they looked...the cake was rich and moist and they use real heavenly buttercream frosting - they were sinful. I am actually surprised a got a couple photos before they were devoured. For some reason, I see another trip to this scrumptious cupcake place in the near future...

Thanks for visiting me today friends! I am now headed to my cozy stitching nest to finish up the needlework small for part two of the mystery sampler...and since I have a chill, I may just have to make a hot cup of tea or coffee to warm up...enjoy your evening - and if you are experiencing winter weather, stay safe and warm...


  1. I am pea green seeing your snowy day picture. I look out my window and see buckets of rain. Not complaining, but I want your snow! Super looking hearts, Belinda! Oh my, those cupcakes look divine! I wonder if they deliver!

    Stay warm!


  2. Those cupcakes look outrageously delish. I want to just grab it off the screen & shove the whole thing in my mouth!

    We're getting crazy weather here in Philly -- rain is just pouring out of the sky right now. I wish it was snow so I could cozy in tomorrow and stitch or sew! :-) Stay warm!

  3. Very cute hearts.
    The cupcakes look delicious!

  4. I love my hearts and the two lace pink ones went on my BC tree. I'm so glad you had time to play and enjoy yourself.

  5. Isn't our Iowa weather crazy this year? It is COOOOOLLLLDDDD today - good day to stay in and sew. The cupcakes look so good - probably a good thing that shop is not near our house!

  6. Please I am begging you stop sending snow and cold weather up to Minnesota.
    I love your hearts, do you make them with a regular sewing machine, the little bag are wonderful, I love pink and red together.
    Love the cupcakes i could almost smell the coconut.

  7. The embroidered hearts are really cool. Do they get sewn onto a water soluble interfacing? My favorite is the zippered pouch. So cute!