Saturday, July 22, 2017

Finishing Frenzy

It's been a finishing frenzy in the Blue Ribbon Designs studio the last few weeks. I have been super focused and working round the clock to finish up the projects on my to-do tables, so I can start on some new original creative endeavors...I am ready to work on some of my own designs and ideas (I have a sketchbook full of ideas that I *need to* make reality!). I am down to one last project or at least I was until a moment ago (an expected box of fabric for a custom order arrived while typing this post). I have been working on a variety of creative activities, including: lots of needlework finishing, custom sewing, custom quilting, and freelance designing. Here is a picture album of some needlework finishing I completed earlier in the week (not my designs or stitching, just my finishing)...these were all for the same customer...

La-D-Da - "My Friend"

La-D-Da - "And Rudolph"

Sisters & Best Friends - "Boo!"

Cricket Collection - "Autumn Blooms"

Abby Rose Designs - "Tea for Two"

Prairie Schooler - "Christmas Tree"

After a brutal 6-mile run/walk with weights in 105 degree extreme heat yesterday, my body is I will be taking it a bit easy today. For now, I'm off to complete some light chores...then I will be working on a quilted wall hanging later today and a birthday gift...and maybe have time for some cross stitching tonight (I'm working on a new design model and a small gift). I'll be back tomorrow with more customer needlework finishes to share with you! I hope you find a little time to be creative today...


  1. Belinda, your finishing (and the creativity that goes with it) never ceases to amaze me. Simply perfection! Enjoy your weekend; stay cool and keep hydrated! xoxoxox

  2. You've been busy!!
    All of your finishes are beautiful.

  3. I love your finishes. I really like the fabric pattern you used on the back of Cricket Collection - "Autumn Blooms". If possible, please share the name.