Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Creative Catch-up

It has been a hot and humid, sunshine-filled summer in Iowa...and in an effort to get back on the blogging track, I thought I would end my day with a quick visit. I have been up early every day, getting in some very hot and sweaty training sessions - I have been lifting weights, then walking/running 5-6 miles daily with a training partner, using a set of 5-pound dumbbells. With all my traveling done for a while, I follow-up my morning workouts by focusing on business - finishing up some HUGE deadlines earlier in the week and now targeting several piles of needlework finishing for customers...I've also had the chance to get quite a few sewing/quilting projects done and a plethora of new items for my Etsy shop. Yep, the creative wheels keep on turning and I am feeling more inspired than ever!

Today, I thought I would share some needlework finishing I recently completed. I have been doing limited custom needlework finishing for clients when my schedule allows...and I am blessed to have wonderful customers (you know who you are!) that send me projects that allow me to be creative and choose the materials and finishing touches with minimal direction (thank you!) - those projects are my favorites! I do all hand and sewing machine finishing and stay away from projects that require glue - even attaching twisted cord (that I make myself) with a needle and thread. Today's projects were all stitched by the same customer and I chose all the materials and embellishments for finishing...I was told the type of finish (these are all flat-finish ornaments), but other than that, I was able to take creative license - this is the type of work I truly enjoy the most! Here are images of the fronts and backs of some beautifully stitched ornaments (not my designs or stitching, just my finishing work):

I will definitely be focused on needlework finishing for the rest of the week, along with completing a long-overdue detailed quilting appliqué project - I have some VERY patient customers that kindly wait until I can fit their pieces into my daily lineup (again, you know who you are - thank you so much for understanding my bizarre schedule)...so I will have some more exquisite cross stitch finishes and a lovely wall hanging to show you very soon! I will also stop back (hopefully tomorrow) to share some of the sewing/quilting projects that have been keeping me busy the last couple months...


  1. All of the finishes are so pretty, great fabric choices for the backs.

  2. Nicely done...fabric choices are beautiful too! Happy continued training .. blessings

  3. Your creativity and talent (including your attention to detail)is incredible, Belinda. The backing fabrics and trims are spot on for the stitching. You totally make my stitching stand-out. Thinking of you!


  4. Beautiful job on finishing.
    Lovely coordinating fabric.


  5. Those are gorgeous! Love that you do it all without glue!