Saturday, January 4, 2014

Snowman Saturday...

The start of this new year has been a bit of a whirlwind - I am knee deep in a several large projects with fast approaching deadlines (some things I can't wait to share with you!) and I have barely come up for air...but I realized I have a handful of blog posts to do, so I thought I would take a quick break and share some creativity with you!

Like many of you, here in Iowa, we are experiencing below zero temperatures, terrible winds, and lots of snow...and it doesn't seem to improving any time soon....which is fine when I can stay inside and stitch or sew, but not so much fun when walking the dogs each day. I was just thinking it would be fun to go out and play in the snow and  make snow angels or build a snowman, but it is just too darn cold and here is the next best thing, some snowmen I can share from my warm and cozy studio. These snowmen were all gifts from my very dear friend Terri, who sent me a wonderful themed Christmas package...and I just had to share them with you! She sent a wool snowman pincushion (upper right) that uses the cutest single mini bundt mold for a base (see photo inset)...I just think this is ADORABLE! I just had to find more to give as gifts.

She also sent this very fun snowman cookie platter...well actually, most of you would call it a plate...but I envision it covered with tasty treats from the fact, I think I need to make time for some baking!

And, if all that wasn't enough, how about these fabulous machine embroidered kitchen towels?? - I think I need to make some of these with my machine for gifts next year...they definitely brighten up my kitchen!!

So how's that for a snow day??...and I didn't even have to brave the winter cold!

I will be quilting up a storm this afternoon...and I will be nice and toasty warm. I hope you can find some time to be creative this weekend - and for those of you experiencing the same weather, stay safe and be sure to bundle up if you head outside...have a happy weekend!


  1. Snowmen really are my favorite winter whimsey. Thanks for sharing!

  2. What a fabulous snowman package to receive, Belinda! Everything is just adorable, but I love that pincushion using the mini bundt pan! Wow!

    Enjoy your time quilting and sewing today! Stay warm!


  3. I just love snowmen & these are adorable ! ! Super cold here in NE Penna. Been doing embroidery on my Days of the Week Towels. When the temps are below zero all there is to do is stitch ! !

  4. Your snowmen are just too, too adorable. It's too cold outside to play in the snow so yours are the best!!

    We are bracing for heavy snow and really frigid temps here in s.e. Michigan, too!

  5. The runner is real pretty. Snowmen are so cute. happy new year.

  6. What lovely gifts. Stay safe in the snow.

  7. Awesome snowman gifts - each one is adorable. Sounds like we should definitely stay inside for the next few days!