Sunday, January 5, 2014

Pretty Little Pincushion

It is no surprise that I am always on the lookout for fun and unique pins and pincushions, so when this adorable spool arrived in my mailbox just before the holidays, I did a little squeal! - isn't it fabulous?! - it was the absolute perfect surprise! I am such a fan of Just Another Button Company and their whimsical designs and products...and this gift made me smile immediately! I have tons of their buttons and pins in my stash...and even a few kits - so when this special spool arrived, I decided to go through my stash and pull out a JABCO project to complete this year (hopefully soon, but I am not going to pressure myself with my current workload)...I decided upon the "Sew Charming" pincushion kit - I just adore this bluebird sitting on a tuffet...and there is even a little heart pocket to hold scissors or a thimble. The kit contains all the materials to make the pincushion...including the tape measure trim, the buttons, and the pins...all you need is a needle and thread and the needlework treasure you want to place in the heart pocket...I think I can handle that! I plan to put this at the top of my "snow day" pile and hope to make a little time to work on it soon...

I have also added a new book to my wishlist...yep, Just Another Button Company has a new book titled "Pincushion Appeal" - I am sure this title will *need* to be added to my studio library...because, as we all know, I have an addiction...

...and if you aren't familiar with the Just Another Button Company blog and are looking for some pincushion inspiration, you should definitely check it is full of eye candy that just may give you and idea or two (or three):


  1. really pretty. Cant wait to see it finished.

  2. Thanks for the link and reminder to the Just Another Button Company blog! Your bluebird pincushion is going to be adorable!