Sunday, February 5, 2012

You Are Loved Giveaway - Recipient

Before I announce the recipient of my "You Are Loved" Giveaway, I want to take a moment and thank each and every one of you for your comments and compliments. I was excited to see so many entries and lots of new "faces" - I even found a few more blogs to follow myself! To those of you who visit on a daily basis and continue to leave me encouraging comments (you know who you are) - thank you - you brighten my days and make me smile. I hope you will all continue to follow me on my creative journey....

So without further ado...
I decided to print out all the comments - cut them apart - fold them in half -and place them in a large basket to draw a name (I wanted use a beautiful fabric-covered box my dear friend Lorrie gave me, but there were so many entries, the box was overflowing!). Here is the basket, ready for the drawing...

And out of the basket...with 160+ husband drew the following slip:

Congratulations to Taffy, who left the following comment:
Wow - great charts...... I want them all. Thanks for the chance...

Taffy - I will e-mail you momentarily...and in the meantime, maybe you should purchase a lottery ticket today, as you seem to have luck on your side!

Again, thank you to all who left a comment - there will be more giveaways in the future - you know how much I like to give things away! Thank you for visiting, following, and all make me happy...


  1. Thank you for the opportunity and congratulations for Taffy!

    Have a good day xoxo

  2. I am happy dancing. I have many BRD charts but I don't have these. Yeah. This year already I did It's Cold Outside. I look forward to doing these designs as well.

  3. Congrats Taffy! Enjoy your new goodies! And thanks again to BRD for offering up another giveaway!

  4. Congrats Taffy and thanks Belinda for always being a giving person and great friend. I might start stitching one of your pieces today. hugs Mary

  5. Just discovered your patterns and love them!I bought Americana Panorama and can't wait to start stitching it.

    1. Thank you so much! You will have to keep me updated on your Americana Panorama stitching progress...and let me know if you have any questions... :-)

  6. Congratulations to Taffy! And many thanks to you Belinda for offering this generous giveaway!


  7. Thanks for the chance to win a great prize. Looking forward to seeing the new releases.

    Congrats Taffy, have fun!

  8. Congratulations to Taffy!
    I have made a lot of new online friends through blog contests.
    Sometimes I see a contest, but get more from the new friendship than what I might have won.


  9. Congrats to the winner of these lovely charts.

  10. ooo well done Taffy :) just catching up with messages love mouse xxxxx

  11. Congratulations to Taffy! You are one lucky lady!