Monday, February 27, 2012

Whirlwind Weekend

It was a wonderful weekend at the Nashville Needlework Market. This was my first attendance at a market and it was kind of a whirlwind - and although it was a fabulous learning experience and I met so many "greats" in the industry, it was a bit overwhelming and intimidating for this Iowa girl. Luckily I made the trip with dear friends who were kind enough to show me the ropes and let me tag along on their adventure. The Nashville Needlework Market is an industry trade show - it is held at an Embassy Suites Hotel, where designers and manufacturers set up their own suites as merchandise booths. It was wonderful for me to visit with Norden Crafts and Hoffman Distributing, both who distribute and showcase my designs...and a real treat to visit with Weeks Dye Works, The Gentle Art, and Crescent Colours - who all supply me with quality materials...I even had a chance to talk with the girls from Just CrossStitch Magazine - after almost ten years of designing, it was about time I got to meet all of these creative people in person! I had a long list of shop owners I wanted to search out in the crowd, which proved to be a bit more of challenge - they were all on a to fill their establishments with new and exciting designs and materials - I spent most of my weekend looking at name badges and trying to put faces to the wonderful shop owners who support my design work - I ran into many, but unfortunately, there were some on my list I did not cross paths seemed I blinked and the weekend was over. It was also a dream come true to meet many of the designers who had their work on display - I am such a "fan" and was almost starstruck meeting some of the designers I have admired over the years. Some of my favorite booths were SamSarah (and Patti had some of her GORGEOUS quilting, as well - my jaw dropped in her room!), Just Nan (who's new pieces were fresh and fabulous - especially in person), Blackbird Designs (they never disappoint and I was so thrilled to be able to take a look at their suite and the new designs), Summer House Stitche Workes (it was very fun to meet Beth Ann and see her designs in person), Praiseworthy Stitches (amazing, AMAZING models) , Shepherd's Bush (so beautiful, so fun - and so friendly), and The Stitching Parlor (Clara was delightful!)....there are just too many to mention them all - in fact, I didn't even have a chance to visit some of the rooms. Make sure to check out your favorite needlework shop and see all the new releases - including three from Blue Ribbon Designs - in fact many online shops already have market reports posted!

Although photography is pretty much prohibited at market, below is a photo that includes a small selection of the exhibitor banners...exhibitors took up four entire floors of the hotel.

Tomorrow, I will share a bit more from my trip...including some great photos from shopping in downtown Franklin, TN....


  1. Awesome post Belinda. I can't wait to hear and read more. See you Friday hugs Mary a.

  2. That looks like it would be a blast!
    Can't wait to see more.

  3. It was so nice to meet you! I'm sorry I didn't have but a minute to talk... wish we could have run into each other when it wasn't busy. Maybe next year :)

  4. I am thrilled that you had a wonderful time! Looking forward to hearing more about your whirlwind weekend.