Friday, May 28, 2010

New England Stitching Retreat - The Stash

Let's talk about stitching! I think the most asked question when I returned from the retreat was "what stash did you bring home"?...I'm not sure why...seems there is a lot of interest in my purchases. First of all, I am a stitcher...I am just like all of you...I have stash accumulation beyond life expectancy....I am a needlework FAN (or probably more appropriate fanatic)...I still get giddy when I find a good needlework shop! Those days of being blessed in Des Moines with multiple needlework shops are gone, and I truly miss the ambiance of a specialty needlework store...there is just something about being able to see the charts in person and being able to see, touch, and feel the fabrics and fibers. When we visited ABC Stitch Therapy for a shopping spree and tea party, I felt like a little seemed I roamed the aisles for hours trying to decide what to bring home...and I am sure I was seen sitting on the floor slowing going through pegs and pegs of design charts. For those of you who are able to frequent this shop in person, I am so very green with was such a treat...a true candy store for the needlework enthusiast. I found it so organized and clean (which is a HUGE plus)...and there was fabulous natural lighting...and even comfortable chairs and sofas - with a fireplace - yep, you heard me correctly, a fireplace. I seriously would consider moving across the country to be near this shop....well, maybe that is extreme, but you get the idea!

I had to bring home several A Mon Ami Pierre charts - and it is a good thing needlework charts are a universal language, because the details for these charts are mostly written in French...I am such a fan of these designs and it was quite fun to have an assortment to choose from! I brought home "Porte Aiguille Angelots" and "Au Coeur De La Vigne". Also, being a huge lover of peacocks, I brought home Just Nan's "Keep A Little Secret" (this is a tiny tin...and for the inside, you stitch a peacock sampler and back it with wool to hold needles or pins)....and the Cottage Garden Peacock Stick Pin...and not pictured, I brought home the Daisy Needle Tweet, too.

Next...this was the hardest decision, EVER...I brought home only three packages of Puntini Puntini Pins....oh how I love these...and it was so very hard to choose the ones I wanted...I could have bought the entire rack (but I definitely would have needed a bigger suitcase!). It was a painstaking process to be good and narrow it down to these three choices....

If you follow my blog, then you know I am a HUGE fan of Liberty Hill Boxes and I was thrilled to find this one from 2007 - it accompanied the Historic Stitches Pattern "Quaker Pynkeepe". And finally, from one of my most favorite designers, Maureen Appleton of The Heart's Content, "Splendor XIX A Colonial Coverlet ~ Treenware Sewing Box"...complete with the gorgeous treenware candle box. Over the years, I have collected quite an array of Maureen's fact, I have most of the "Splendor" designs. We all know I love tiny stitching, and this piece is stitched over-one on 40 count - WAHOO! I was super excited to bring this kit home...I wish I could make the time to start it right away...

So there you have it, a taste of what I brought home from the shopping spree. I know that seems like plenty, but there were several other patterns in my shopping cart - three from Carriage House Samplings, one from All Through The Night, and one from Homespun Elegance. Looks like I have plenty to keep me busy....

Wishing you a wonderful holiday weekend, filled with sunshine, family, and good barbecue...


  1. Wow, Belinda! What great finds! I need to research those pins you purchased! They are adorable!

    Enjoy your weekend!


  2. Oooooh, great stash! I love the Puntini Puntini pins too! And all the rest! Yum!

  3. ooooo stash heaven! What a lot of pleasure you have received and given with sharing those. I love the pins too - I hate to think what ones you had to reject to only have those to show, surely a handful more cards could have fit into your suitcase???? lol.
    Looking forward to seeing your projects grow

  4. LOVE the pins! Especially the berries/lemon ones. I am sorry about your birds...they would have been fun to watch. Your stash acquirements (if that's a word) are lovely - I love the heart pattern. Isn't it funny that we are all curious to see what others have added to their "pile"...I guess it's just such a thrill to see others adding too and I love that we all keep shops and designers in business or I would be very sad...although I am like you, have more than a lifetime needs, I bet. Enjoy your weekend!

  5. So happy I found your blogsite!! ABC is an awesome shop, isn't it. I used to live in Sturbridge, MA, and would take a trek up there once in a was a vacation for me!! :] Love those boxes which are great finds. (Sigh) I could pull up some floor and sit there with you for hours, too...
    BTW, speaking of awesome and had a complimentary, darling chart in 2007 which I'm wondering if I can still get anywhere. It's called "Crowned Heart" and was a smallie pincushion. I would love to have the chart if you'd still have it. Your older complimentary chart are still wonderful, you know.
    :] Hugs!