Thursday, May 27, 2010

New England Stitching Retreat - Gift Shop Finds

Today, I start out with a bit of sad news...before I share the things I purchased at the Enfield Shaker Store, I will give you an update on the House Finch nest...

I woke up this morning to the basket on the ground, my geraniums crushed and broken...and the nest was on it's side and empty...some how during the night, the basket had fallen and the contents had crashed all over our front doorstep. There were no signs of the eggs...wanting to remain positive and hopeful, I was trying to figure out how the birds could have moved or saved the eggs...but my mother was quick to smash those hopes and dreams by telling me a predator probably found them and had a delicious meal. I was so heartbroken. As I cleaned up the mess and tried to salvage what was left of my geraniums, I only found a few small pieces of egg shell. So, there will be no photos of the baby least not in the near future - I did read pairs may raise three or more broods in a season, so we may have a new nest soon!

Now on to something much more fun!...
Like I mentioned in an earlier post, I did some wonderful stash shopping while in New England...and I brought back some fabulous finds from the Enfield Shaker Store (the gift shop located in the Great Stone Dwelling House/Museum). It was extremely difficult to choose mementos to bring home, as there were SO MANY incredible, hand-crafted boxes and gifts in this lovely shop. There were many gorgeous pincushions and sewing boxes in a variety of shapes and really was hard to choose what to purchase and bring home.

First, I chose this amazing Fir Balsam Pillow - it smells so fresh and I love that is has a natural linen cover that I could actually do some stitching on, if I so desire. This pillow is about 8" x 8"...and I am going to find the perfect place to put it, so I can continually enjoy it's delightful aroma.

Next, I chose this quaint little framed print. It is 5" x 7" without the frame...and it was a little difficult to get a good photo, as it is framed with glass. One of the things that drew me to this piece was the lettering of "Hands To Work, Hearts To God" - although you probably can't tell from the photo, the letters are made up of little tiny "x"s, so they look like cross stitch...and the hands are holding strands of thread. Plus the birds and the flowers...I just loved the whole design...

And finally - I purchased this beautiful walnut shaker box made by Steve Grasselli. I love the unique two-tone look and the size of this box - it is about 4"W x 6"L x 3.25"D...a great size for sewing or stitching tools. I plan to make a padded cushion for inside and possibly some needlework smalls. The craftsmanship on all the various boxes was truly exquisite and I looked over many boxes multiple times - it was so hard to choose...I almost brought home a second box with a handle, but showed a little restraint!

So many fun things to share with you this week! I will be back tomorrow to share the stitching stash I purchased at ABC Stitch Therapy during our shopping spree and tea...

Also...I have to mention...Marie has started a New England Stitcher's Retreat Blog, so if you are interested in seeing photos and information on future retreats, you will want to visit:

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  1. Oh, that's so sad! I'm crushed about the poor eggs. :( I bet you are too.

    I love what you bought at the shop! Wonderful stuff. I just love Shaker boxes, and that print is wonderful! And the pillow will smell lovely in your home!