Friday, March 19, 2010

Snowy Robin

Remember all the way back to yesterday when I was commenting about how signs of spring were everywhere? I was thinking I need to take some photos of the robins and tiny little sprouting plants popping up...and this morning the sun was shining and I thought what a lovely day to go outside and do some yard work...well, now it is 8 hours later and it is SNOWING! It started out misty, then sleet, now snow - how did my beautiful sunshine day completely turn around?! I had to go outside and catch a photo of this beautiful robin on my freshly snow-covered lawn. Yes, signs of spring are arriving...but winter has decided to keep it's presence a little longer....

I guess it will be a good evening to stay inside and do some much needed model stitching. My broken finger is finally starting to heal and I am able to hold a needle much easier. I'm looking forward a Saturday stitch-in with my girlfriends tomorrow - always a special treat! Maybe I will bring that poor Papillon Creations Mystery Sampler I have been working on since February 2006....


  1. As if we need an excuse to stitch. LOL

  2. Great picture of the snowy Robin, Belinda! Hope the snow doesn't hang around too long!

    Have fun stitching; glad your finger is healing well!

    Robin in Virginia

    PS Thanks again!