Friday, March 5, 2010

Playing With Machine Needle Felting

I love to keep scraps of fabrics, ribbons, yarns, threads, wools...well, you get the idea. Not sure why...I don't like clutter or knick knacks and I am not normally a "saver", but when it comes to fabric, trims, and fibers I save it all. A couple months ago, I purchased a Husqvarna Viking ER10 Embellishing Machine (which is a fancy name for a needle felting machine) I have found a grand use for all those trimmings! After getting some design work done this morning, I decided to make time to play with this fabulous machine. For those of you not familiar with a needle felting or embellishing machine, it looks like a sewing machine without consists of five (some models have seven) individual barbed needles that catch the fibers of your chosen material and pushes them into the base fabric to create your design. Many think needle felting can just be done with wool fibers...but really with this machine your creativity is limitless. I start with a craft felt base and then start adding scraps of cotton, wools, wool roving, netting, taffeta, lace, name it...the more you work the pieces under the needles, the more secure and blended they become with your base. The photos shows a machine needle felted piece, without any sewing or thread used (all of the pieces are securely attached). Once I have the base the way I want it, the next step is to take it to the sewing machine and add specialty stitches (or, of course can do this by hand) can also add stencil shapes, puff paint, beads, buttons, wires, embroidery...basically anything your heart desires. Tomorrow, I will take the piece in the photo to the sewing machine and start to add specialty stitches and will then be used as a journal or sketch book cover (at least that is currently my plan)....

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